My practitioner just got the Syneron hair removal system. It is IPL plus RF (not microwave). They are the first ones in the area to get the system and will be doing research with it too. They made it on the local TV news too. If I can find an online link I will post it in the news section.

It works better on fine and light colored hair too. And it is supposed to be better on darker skin types.



I’ve been trying to tell everyone about this new machine Aurora…by syneron but EVERYONE is putting it down. That it is a hoax …I myself have had 1 treatment so far and am VERY VERY happy…it’s been three weeks since my treatment and not one black hair has grown back…And the white hair on my cheeks are thinning out. I am very excited about this and have great feelings about it.

The reason some are putting the Aurora down has nothing to do with Aurora itself. There have been other methods like transdermal that have made all these fantastic claims and they turned out to be hype at best or even a total hoax.

I started to take the Aurora seriously when my doctor showed an interest in it. When he has tried other lasers and didn’t think they worked he would say so and get rid of the device. They have always been up front about the limitations of the various methods.

I e-mailed the doctor the article on the Aurora and when I went in for my electrolysis appointment, my technician told me that they had been looking at using the Syneron system and just got it in. The Syneron system and my doctor was even featured on a local news story. He is the first one in the area to have it and is going to be doing research with it. I wonder if that means free treatments???

I told them I am interested in trying it. Meanwhile I will use electrolysis for getting those white hairs. I don’t have all that much hair left on my upper body except for my arms. The Lightsheer has done a good job. I am interested in the Aurora because it works better on tanned skin so I can use it in the summmer. It is supposed to work better on fine hair which is mostly what’s left of the dark hairs. I want ALL the hair gone!

What areas have you had treated? Did you have any redness afterwards? I want to eventually get my legs done and if the Aurora doesn’t cuase lasting redness that may be the way to go. I wear shorts most of the time and I don’t want a lot of redness and scabbing. I could always wait until next winter and get it done or stay with the Lightsheer.

Are treatment times similar to laser? I don’t know but the spot size is bigger. I will try to find out.

Thanks for the report and I will post anything new I find out about the Aurora.



I had my entire face done (cheeks,upper lip, and chin. My treatment lasted 15-20 minutes. I had a very little amount of redness and by the time I got home, which was 15 min after the treatment…my redness was all gone. It was not painful either :slight_smile: The black hairs on my chin that fell out a week later have not grown back at all…The white hair on my cheeks have and everywhere has thinned out. I still have some but not as much. My Dr.'s office said I need 5 more visits to make sure most of this hair does not return. Of course I will need maintenance treatment, which is fine with me. Let me ask a question…what makes the Aurora (Syneron) machine different then the other IPL machines??? Also I think you should try the Aurora on your white hairs, I think you will be very satisfied. My second treatment is 2/12…I can not wait!!!

The Aurora uses IPL plus RF energy to remove hair. From what I know the RF is below microwave frequencies.


Do keep us updated on the Aurora/Syneron stuff. I remain skeptical of their claims regarding light hairs, though it may be perfectly acceptable for dark hairs, as with traditional IPL devices.

I’ll be doing my analysis of their press kit soon, but there are a few red flags that went off when I read it, mostly about their claims that the RF energy works in a selective manner.

Much of what they have to say puts me in mind of the microwave hair removal claims in 1999. That company is now bankrupt.

Consumers who cannot afford to risk time or money on unproven methods with little or no published data are urged to invest in hair removal methods with proven track records. There is a long sordid history of lasers, starting with the first five put on the market, to make exaggerated claims that are later proven to be complete marketing hype.

As a friend of mine used to say on another hair removal forum, caveat emptor!

Hey i am getting the Syneron done this weekend on my back and shoulders. Before i spend a lot of money i was wondering if any has any info on it. If it has worked for them. Anything thanks

I’ll be trying the Syneron in the next month or two and will give a complete report. My practitioner is undergoing training on it now. She said it seems very impressive so far. Depending on the body part being treated, the time interval between treatments is 4-8 weeks, 4 weeks for the beard.

There is reportedly less regrowth
with this system.


Hey RJC2001 i was just wondering if you got your Syneron treatment and if it worked good for you i am getting mine done on the 28th Thanks for all the help

My first Syneron treatment is on March 25th. I will report on it as soon as possible.

My practitioner has already started treating patients with the Syneron. While it is too soon to make any long term conclusions she likes what she is seeing so far. It seems to target lighter hairs better than the Lightsheer and Sciton lasers.



I have been undergoing IPL treatments for the past 4 months (1 treatment every 4 wks). I highly recommend it. My WHITE hair is almost “totally” gone. NO regrowth either! I only need one more treatment and then maintenance. The black hair on my chin responded within 2 treatments. No regrowth there either. I am simply THRILLED with my results and very glad that I went with my first instinct…

Thanks for the report. I report on my results either next Tues. or Wed. Initial reports are that the Syneron does work better on lighter colors than the Lightsheer or Apogee.


I had my first Aurora treatment today. Aurora is the IPL/RF device manufactured by Syneron.

The Aurora has a maximum RF fluence of 20J and a maximum IPL fluence of 30 in the short pulse mode. Since two different kinds of energy are used the fluence levels cannot be directly compared with other lasers like the Lightsheer. After several test patches of increasing RF and IPL fluence, treatment began at 20J RF and 28J IPL.

The Aurora is less painful than any ot the other lasers I’ve been treated with. The sensation is also different. Each pulse feels like several hot needles being placed against the skin. The multi-needle feeling is a characteristic of the RF energy. The pain is the most noticeable near sensitive areas like the base of the neck and the middle of the back. I could also hear that zip sound as the hairs are being singed, just like my first Apogee treatments. I found that very interesting as I never experienced that since my regrowth got much finer. When the back of my neck was treated I could smell burning hair too. IMHO a very good sign.

Post treatment pain was similar to the Lightsheer and disappeared in about 45 minutes. There was some post treatment redness but it is disappearing quickly. All I have left now are some red dots.

The hairs are supposed to “extrude” within 2-4 weeks. You’re supposed to shave before the first 3 treatments and not before the 4th in order to assess the regrowth.

That’s all for now. I will report any other observations I have as necessary.


Hey just got the Aurora done on my back. It was alot less painful than the laser treatment. It went alot quicker cause it covers a bigger area i had a 20J RF 22 IPL. I didn’t have any pain afterward. I hope the results are really good but i will let you know my results in a few weeks.

Thanks for the report. I agree that the Aurora is faster than the laser. Post treatment redness is less and I had no hive like swelling either. This may be good for having beards done too. So far I am very happy.


Definitely keep us updated, RJC!

I looked around for that type of laser here in the sacramento area but have been unsucessful so far.

I had my lower back and upper arms treated with the Aurora today. The RF fluence had to be turned down on my left arm. The Aurora monitors skin impedance and indicates when fluence needs to be adjusted. The Aurora is apparently able to monitor reflected RF and IPL energy to determine skin impedance. Impedance can be defined as the resistance, or opposition, to the flow of energy or current.

There was some post treatment redness but it was gone by yesterday evening. It’s too early to assess long term results but so far so good.

I had some time left after treatment so I finished up with some electrolysis on some white chest hairs.

Overall I had a very productive hair removal session.


Hi RJC2001,

I was wondering how is the Aurora/Syneron system better for darker skin compared to the regular IPL’s with longer wavelengths? And is this system approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal?

New technology is so exciting!

I wanted to add that I performed a search on the FDA database but could not find anything about perm. hair removal it just said it was for “non-invasive hair removal”

The Aurora is supposed to be better for darker skin types than traditional IPL systems and laser. It uses less optical energy and adds RF energy (not microwave) to the treatment.