Synergie Hair Removal Epilator laser


i will like to know if somebody had used or know about this machine; Synergie Hair Removal Epilator laser. the company web site is . i will apprecitte any comments.

     thanks, gueisha [LIST]

Save your money.

This thing is a prettier box with the same old electronic tweezer device that got into such hot water with the FDA for calling itself “Painless, Permanent Hair Removal, Superior to Electrolysis” back in the 80’s.

Their web site has such a jumble of buzz words that at some times it makes itself seem like a parody. It even says that it “uses Thermolysis and Short Wave in a Blend” for more effectiveness. Anyone who knows anything about electrolysis knows that Thermolysis and Short Wave ARE THE SAME THING. This statement is equivilant to saying “Aquafina has a superior drink because they have scientifically combined Aqua with L’eau, H2 O, An water in a proprietery blend for a mixture that you can’t get anywhere else!”

They spent more on the pretty box and graphics than anything on the inside of this device. You would be better off buying a case of One Touch devices and throwing them away as they break rather than getting this scammer.