synchronize hair growth?


Andrea, I just recently purchased the Braun Silk Epil Eversoft and really like it so far. Better than waxing, more effective than depilatories and smoother than shaving. I’ve used it on my neck, chin and legs with minimal pain (I must say though,that I have high pain tolerance-I routinely apply alcohol to cuts and rubbed alcohol on my face after epilation with no pain). I was scared to death to use an epilator but it was a piece of cake and I believe this was a wise purchase!
Unfortunately, stubble appeared on my chin/neck area very soon after epilating (2-3 days), and I was wondering if by letting my hair grow for a long period of time and then epilatng, I could somehow synchronize the re-growth?? Am I nuts? Will I just have to live with some new prickly stubble at all times? The hair on my legs has not been so fast, could type of hair have anything to do with it? Hair on my legs is lighter and less course than my whiskers. I’ve waxed and plucked my face for years with no slowing or thinning of hair.
Anyway, I still think this epilator thing could be the answer I’ve waited for, my sister just bought one too. Thank you for your site and this forum which helped me in deciding which model to purchase. When I get a job I’ll give you a donation to help your cute little kitties!


Hi mezzopug!

I’m delighted to hear you like the epilator so far. New stubble that soon is like caused by hairs that broke off at or below the skin’s surface instead of getting pulled out by the root. This is inevitable, but you can reduce the number by covering the face in a warm damp towel a few minutes before epilating.

You can get a certain amount of synchronization from epilating, but it’s unlikely you will ever get things really lined up, since you can’t always predict that a growth cycle will begin at a specified time after the hair is epilated.

Once you get to where you’re not getting as many broken ones, you will need to be careful about ingrown hairs, which is why epilating the face is not for everyone. Another potential problem is discoloration, especially in darker-skinned patients and those who tan. To minimize this, avoid sun a week or so before and after epilating.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s a great option for some! I hope it continues to meet your needs.