Does anyone have any tips for synchronising growth of leg hair?

I’ve been epilating my legs for about a year and haven’t managed to achieve this. My legs aren’t fit for show only a week after epilation! Though sometimes this has gone up to two weeks. And I have tried not epilating for 4 weeks at a time! :eek: With summer coming up this isn’t really convenient.

It won’t happen in a healthy person.

Hair grows in cycles that are not synchronized. The only time this would change would be the event of an illness (or disorder such as alopecia) or the need to take chemotherapy that would cause shedding en masse. Even in those events, if the hairs grow back, they will not all grow back at once, but will grow back in unsynchronized cycles.

PREGNANCY ALSO INCREASES THE ANAGEN CYCLE. you mothers have probably noticed how more beautiful your hair is when pregnant. This is due to the high level of progesterone present during pregnancy. As the anagen cycle is extended fewer hairs fall out.

When pregnancy ends a lot of hair falls out.

I’ve been using epilators for a while. I personally think the synchronization thing is a myth. Something that sounds plausible when you think about it, but doesn’t really happen.