Symptoms of high testosterone level


Well I have exuhausted ever avenue of hair removal (except for electrolysis and laser which I cannot get until im 18) and this is my final one.

The question is: What are the symptoms of high testosterone?

A bit of background, Im 16 years old, small for my age (around 5ft 5, and have a body hair problem, back, bum, chest, thighs calfs, top and bottom arms and every other imaginable place, covered in thick black hair.

I have had my blood test for my testosterone, DHT, growth hormone (for some reason), but unfortunatly can take over a month to find out the results, and thats only if they can do soemthing.
The dermotologist (who sorted out the blood test) asked a couple of random questions such as: when did my bad acne start (12) when did I start developing full chest hair (14) when did I start developing full back hair (15) and did I ever suffer from joints pains (which i do, not as badly as I did when i was between 10 and 12 where it actually caused me some real problems with walking).

Anyway, I was just wondering if theres any other symptoms of high testosterone that people know of, this is really my last post for a while, because otherwise im just gonna ahve to wait to get laser and electrolysis on full body (great £7000 minimum, oh well it’s worth it).

Thanks for listening to me whine and reading,

Hey what’s up BenJay, that sucks to hear about your hair problem. I also have quite a bit of body hair, but it started to show up recently. I am 24 years old right now and have been getting laser for the last 3 years. 7000 pounds is a lot of money to spend for laser. My brother and I have gotten in contact with someone who owns a laser (Gentlelase). We have talked to him and we have decided to split the cost of the laser. I think our portion will be around $17,000, which is quite a bit, but we will be able to get as much work done as we want. We can also work on other people and make some money off the laser. After a couple of years of getting full treatments, one can sell the laser and still get a good amount back. I don’t know if this is possible in England? I have been looking for co owners in a laser, but I got into contact with this person and I’m pretty excited to finally get a laser. Well good luck in your process with laser, Eric

If you put actual location information in your profile, you might find that we already have some one in your area who is looking for an electrolysis buddy, and the two of you could get cracking on your hair removal problems.

Okay, well entered in my details etc. never heard of electrolysis buddies before on this site but anyways.


Hi Benjay:

I think another obvious symptom of high testosterone would be premature balding. You might also find that your muscles would respond better to bodybuilding than someone with lower testosterone.

You really won’t know until you get your actual results back, where you fit into the nornal range. It really should only take a week to get those results back once you have had the tests done. Hormone levels vary a great deal, especially as a teenager compared to later in life.

Women also produce testosterone but their range is generally much lower than that of men.


It is a complete myth that balding is due to high testosterone. Most balding men have the same levels of testosterone as nonbalding men.

Excessive follicle sensitivity to circulating DHT (due to genetics) causes male pattern baldness.

FYI – Propecia helps some men to cease balding my reducing DHT levels. However, it raises testosterone levels slightly!