SXB Machine & Switched Needle Holder


Im pretty new to electrolysis and bought an SXB machine recently, i dont have a foot switch with it but it did come with a kit which has a switched needle holder with a black button. I have been testing the machine using the manual provided, the timer doesnt seem to change when i press the black button on the needle holder, but when i place the exposed metal chuck on the electrode the green light shows?

I tried testing the switched needle holder but not sure how to exactly?? Where do i place the exposed metal chuck, is it the top right hand side of the SXB machine which holds the needle??
And since the green light comes on when i place the needle holder on the electrode, doesnt this mean the needle holder is working and black button?

Im not sure if i should just get a footswitch then test the machine and current and will this help with the timer to move and beep when the current is flowing because with the switched needle holder neither is happening and the woman i bought the machine from stated that the SXB machine was serviced and working fine!??

Any advice or tips and are there any videos or instructions to test the machine using only the switched needle holder without the footswitch?



I also have a used SXB for DIY purposes. Mine did come with a footswitch and unswitched needle holder. I also bought a new switched needle holder.

I noticed that the timer does not go off when using the switched needle holder. The timer only goes off when using the footswitch and unswitched needle holder.

I found this online:

See the section on diathermy with a switched needle holder - final point states “Remember that the timer is disconnected so you will need to time yourself”.

I’ve found that it is easier to use a foot pedal so may be worth you investing in one anyway. I think they cost around £30.

Thank you for the quick reply. I think a footswitch will be the best option for me as i like the ‘beep’ notification. Also, how best should i sterilize any exquipment i use? At the moment ive been using medicated alcohol wipes to clean the needle holder probe and machine, and also what is lye and how best can i avoid it during treatment? Are there any other safety or cleanliness precautions i should be aware of and take during treatment, because i do clean the skin before use and afterwards i use a soothing gel.

I have dark hair and its only thicker on the legs so would like to use the blend method rather than just galvanic or thermolysis on its own, is blend the most effective for this type of hair? Would a starting setting of 5 be best for thermolysis and galvanic and a timing of 5 seconds, and gradually increase the levels as i progress with treatment? Is the level of current you use dependant on pain tollerance and can you use the same levels for both thermolysis and galvanic e.g. 5 to start with? And whats the ideal timer length for treatment with blend? When would galvanic be preferable to use over blend, or thermolysis?

Also wheres the cheapest place to buy a footswitch in the UK as theres none on amazon and most are around £50 on google?

Well there isnt any way of avoiding lye if you are doing blend. It’s the desired outcome that kills the hair .

JennC1, I’m going to urge you to read up some more for help determining energy levels. If you go to there’s a pdf there you can download as a starter. It might help in determining energy levels.For more informatio the full book can be had at Texas Electrolysis Supply.

I agree with Seana, I’d advise you to read further.

There are some rough guidelines on energy levels for the sx-b here:

You can buy sterex accessories from the sterex shop here:

Or Ellisons:

You can also try ebay

From the old learning resource thread.


Can someone tell me just how easily hairs are supposed to ‘pop out’ when doing blend or any electrolysis treatment? I’ve just been doing my legs and there seems to be a slight pull when tweezing the hairs out, and if one or two are resisting then i go over them a second time with the needle and current and they pull out fine, is that the correct way?

that sounds about right.If you havent got your aim right on in the follicle quite often a second series of energy will complete the job, but the idea is to not have to do that. It’s usually pretty safe to turn up the galvanic current within your pain threshold in order to produce more lye, and finish the energy delivery in less time.What you are aiming for is the smooth withdrwl of the hair, not one that is getting resistance. Be sure to guage your depth thoroughlyby pulling a depth guide hair. This will help a lot in not having to add energy to compensate for lousy aim.