SX-B settings for Vellus Hairs?

I’m getting to the point where I’m finishing treatment on face for fine pigmented peach fuzz about 5mm long (intermediate hair).

As for true vellus hairs (1mm long, translucent white, only visible in certain lightning), I’d like to treat them on just my most prominent facial areas (nose mainly) since it can kind of “glow” a bit more due to protrusion. I’d like to know what settings I should use. Thermolysis I’m guessing?

Remember, you are NOT treating hair, you are treating the follicle. The minimum setting required for the hair to epilate without resistance is what you are looking for.

How have you been treating these intermediate hairs? What modality, what type of probe, what settings, how long do you apply the current?

Ultimately, you have to find a method that is comfortable and suitable for you. The approach I would feel comfortable with may not be suitable for you. Just keep this in mind.

I use my SX-B for DIY thermolysis and blend. In this case, I would be using an insulated probe. The vellus hairs are going to be shallow, so you will definitely want to protect your upper layer of skin as much as possible. I, personally, would start out at a thermolysis setting of 20 and then adjust upwards depending on how long it takes for the hairs to release smoothly. I’d prefer to apply less current when treating vellus hairs, so I can imagine that 20 would not be sufficient.

The important thing is to go slowly, insert properly, find a working point that is comfortable for you. Again, my approach is my approach and may not be suitable for you.

I still find that I can feel that point of a smooth release for vellus hair. If you can’t, in an effort to not undertreat the hair, you may end up overtreating it. In which case, it might be easier to see a professional.

I do have Laurier probes that i got before he died of cancer I believe last year? I haven’t used them yet.

But wouldn’t you say that given how shallow these vellus hairs are, the exposed portion is the only inserted portion through the epidermis anyway?

Like many DIYers, I reuse needles, wiping them down with alcohol before retreatment. But I’ve heard these needles with insulation wear down their insulation after a few hours?

It’s just quite difficult trying to determine depth gauge for this type of hair. I first started working on the thickest hairs on my body, my pubic hairs, and after a few months, I had mastered it (enough to know how I did) before moving on to intermediates. But with these vellus hairs, it’s like I’m a novice all over again