Switching from Soprano XL to Lightsheer Diode?

Hey guys I’m thinking of doing this because the clinic with the Lightsheer is more expensive but much more professional and experienced.
Will it matter if I switch to another machine?

and summer is starting so i have to make a decision soon.

Unfortunately those machines are too far away from me. In my area the lightsheer is the best thing I can find.
Are you able to recommend a suitable setting for me? I’m skin type 3, light skin dark hair also pretty coarse. I don’t know enough about it to know how many J etc.

And I’m kind of thinking about how I might not know if the 2 treatments I had with the Soprano were successfull if I do switch.

The Lightsheer and Soprano are very similar machines, both diode and both were made by the same people.
The main difference is that Soprano has SHR which is great for larger areas with coarse dense hair.

Thanks for the settings.
And I had my hands treated with the single pulse handpiece for the soprano. 40 joule and I did not experience complete shedding.

Btw guys, can you take a long break from laser treatments? Like a couple of months for the summer…

You can, but it’s best not to. By taking a long break, you run the risk of letting hair in the anagen phase lapse into catagen and telogen phases, thereby decreasing the success of the next treatment.