Suspicious seller?

Hey guys, when I read ivelina’s post about knowing someone who was selling professional electrolysis devices, I got really excited and contacted the provided email address right away. This is the post:
and the model is the Fischer SE2

  • Manual only
  • With all attachments, stylus, cables, pedal
  • Thermolysis, Galvanic & Blend
  • Operating manual

This is what’s got me really uneasy about it…the woman’s name is Catherine McLaughlin, and I’ve read on this board and hairfacts (the sister site to this one) that she’s scammed people before:

I’m not sure what to do. What do you all think? Thanks for the input.

If you question it in any way don’t buy. There are many machines available on ebay. SE 2 comes up quite frequently.

You can have the Silhouet-Tone VMC for less than this machine goes for new, and if you don’t trust that woman, then don’t give her the chance to scam you.

Sil-Tone VMC