Susan Nasta ?

Anyone have treatments with her ?

She is liscensed in Massachusetts(graduate of the new england institute of electrolysis) and practices in New York City (state which does not have any regulation).

There are SOOOOOOOO many electrologists in the nyc area. Where do you even start to choose !?!?

Oh and 1 more thing…

I read that DISPOSABLE needles are a must but Insulated are better yet insulated needles are not disposable …im assuming because they cost more and isnt worth throwing out for an electrologist.

So which probe should i go with ?

Where did you get this information? I am an electrologist. Disposable probes are used because we do not want to transmit any type of infection or bacteria to anyone else. Check with your state laws but most have to use diposable probes. Also, your electrologist will decide wheather you use an insulated probe or not I suppose you could recommend it??? The reason an insulated probe would be used is: If an area that is being treated has alot of moisture you could get surface blanching. The current is delivered at the bottom of the probe and with an insulted probe the shaft is covered so that the current is directed more to the bottom of the follicle and less is traveled up to the surface. And YES Insulated probes ARE DISPOSABLE!!

Also check out on Andreas web site about finding an electrologist she has some really good pointers there. Look for C.P.E. Associations they belong to, If their registered, Ask for references, Good Luck.

Thanks for the clarification, electro! While I do not recommend specific practitioners, there are plenty of them in your area who are considered to be quite good. Talk to as many as you can before deciding.