Hi everyone! this is a survey that i would love if you all would take. Its pretty short and it would be of great help to me. im looking for a rather large grant and possible scholarship of 15 grand for this paper. its completely confidential. If you do not feel comfortable with posting your response on here, you can Private Message me, Email me at, or Instant Message me at Shoencitygal247 or Pjamus1. Yet again, thank you guys for your help, its great that i can find a site just for this.

Survey: I am a student conducting a survey for a research paper. Please answer the following questions. Please place an X or Check Mark next to the answer you most agree with. This survey is completely anonymous and all answers will be kept confidential. I appreciate your time and cooperation.

Age: ____ I am under 18.
____ 18-24
____ 25-29
____ 30-40
____ 40-50
____ 50-60
____ 61-69
____ I am 70 and older.

Gender: ____Female

Ethnicity:____ African American
____ Asian or Pacific Islander
____ Caucasian
____ Hispanic
____ Other (please specify)_____________

I am self conscious about my body hair.
Strongly Strongly
Disagree Agree 0 1 2 3 4 5

The texture of my body hair is:
Very fine Coarse
0 1 2 3 4 5

The color of my body hair is:
Blonde Black
0 1 2 3 4 5

I remove body hair by: (Check all that apply)
____ I do not remove body hair
____depilatory (hair removal creams)
____laser hair removal
other (please specify)

How much do you spend on hair removal a month?

____Under $5
____Between $5 and $15
____Between $15 and $30
____Between $30 and $45
____Over $45

I have had Laser hair removal
____yes ____no ____ Not Sure

I am planning on having Laser Hair Removal
____yes ____no ____ Not Sure

If you were to have Laser hair removal, what area would you want hair removed from? (Check all that apply)
____bikini area
____other (please specify) ______________

Did a licensed doctor perform the removal?
____ Yes ____ No ___Not Sure

What instructions were you given for preparation?

Do you take any medications?

____Yes ____ No ____ Not Sure

If yes, what?

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I would prefer any readers choosing to answer this copy the questions into an email to the poster and email their responses, rather than adding them here.

I also encourage readers not to share private or personally identifying information. This survey is not being conducted by hairtell and has not been confirmed or approved by this site.