hi everyone i’m new here. ok i was wonderin if anybody else used it. I do (to tell u the truth i’v used a lot of different ones) but the problem now is that i get a rash(it gets red and itches afterwards), the hair grows back thick and really fast. i have to like use it every other day. i don’t think i should be getting those results right? is there something better? i need it for my upperlip and under my chin. plz help me. i’v also tried sally hansen brush on hair remover. but in the end i started getting the same results and that was when i switched to surgi-creame


These products are like chemical shaving, so the results tend to last about the same time as shaving.

If you want a longer-lasting result, you will need to switch to a method that removes roots and all. This isn’t for everyone, though, and it may be better in your case to stick with depilatories. only you can decide.