SUPRANO laser? anyone

I just had my 5th treatment today on my legs, at ALC (American Laser Centers), and this time they used the Suprano laser. I was impressed, as before with the lightsheer I really felt it. I felt nothing at all.

Does anyone know if this laser works the same as lightsheer? How have results been with this laser?

So far my legs have become a lot smoother and the hair takes longer to grow back, but not a major significance in less hair yet. :confused: It comes in patchy now too…which I dont mind. I am being patient…

haven’t seen much feedback on this laser here. it’s supposed to be a diode and has similar characteristics to LightSheer. do you know what settings they used on both?

Specs on the Soprano are exactly the same as the latest Lightsheer. Fluence levels and spot size are identical as are pulse width capability.


However, the speed is 3HZ per second. Meaning it is the fastest diode on the market. It also has an air cooling attachment option, as the handpiece heats up alot due to the heat that is generated. I did some trials on it for three months in my facility.

Hmmm I am not sure on the settings I had. I was just so perplexed getting the new laser. I was amazed it did not hurt at all. I told her it was not fair (after 12 somewhat painful treatments with the lightsheer for my face and bikini). If it is exactly the same then this is a great invention. I did get red after the treatment, but remained comfortable the entire time, including the days after. I now am waiting to see what type of shedding occurs on my legs. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />