hello, i said before that my electrolysis machine uses a glavanic current but it could actually be blend… (using both)

I really have to check up on that. Been so long.

Its definately a professional machine, as we used it during training etc. Its a small grey box like machine, will have to find out the make…

If my machine is too old… what suppliers are there here in the uk… what machine would i be looking to buy. I have BABTAC AND CIBTAC qualifications in electrolysis. As i said before though its been years since i practised.

Since im qualified i dont mind splashing out a bit… but i really do need some updating if u know what i mean.

any help will be MAJORLY appreciated. OOOOOH, im getting very exited about zapping these DARN BLOODY IRRITATING STUPID FECKING HARRIES. i cant believe ive been winging about them for about 5 years, when i actually have the qualifications aswell as a machine (be it old) to get on with it and get rid. Thats what i call lazy. Purely my own darn fault!

Sorry… just letting off some steam.

Any help from u up-to-date proffessionals will be great.