supplementing LHR with electrolysis

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge on this forum. I have been lurking and learning a lot. Please excuse me if this question has been answered elsewhere. I found some threads which seemed to give me some of the info I needed but nothing under one subject.

I am currently undergoing LHR to remove facial hair. I am 3 treatments in with 4 weeks between (which I read is actually too short a time to wait!)… The laser has been very successful so far drastically reducing my facial hair (no beard shadow at all, just random hairs) everywhere but my chin.

I wanted to cosmetically clear my face then start electrolysis for a more permanent removal. How should I go about this? Do I continue laser and not shave allowing electrolysis to get the still growing hairs? How long should I wait after laser to visit the electrologist? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Welcome to hairtell. Sorry for a delayed reply.

Many laser specialists, who are also electrologists, take the client straight from the laser table to the electrolysis table to remove white hairs and light hairs that remain unseen by the laser. I am told that the hairs slide out like they were greased with unsalted butter.

If you are happy with the success that laser reduction is giving you, see it through and at some point, you will begin to understand that diminishing returns have taken over. You will then know that it is time to switch to electrolysis.

Are you a biological female or male to female? You don’t have to answer if that is too prying. If you can knock out the bulk of those five o’clock shadow hairs and get some thinning of the hairs, then a skilled electrologist can zoom through those thinner hairs like a roadrunner on steroids.

…and I know one who supplements the electrolysis with laser! They perform laser right after the electrolysis and said they get great results with that!

I will ask them to join us here.

Yes, can you get her to share her results with this strategy. Maybe, direct her to the Professional to Professional section, Barbara, if she agees to come on hairtell. How does she charge for both procedures, I wonder?