Sun tan to reduce redness and spots from waxing?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been waxed and sugared and both methods leave my skin
red and spotty for ages after.
I am thinking that i have very sensitive skin and am wondering
if i get a sun tan on my body, would it reduce the redness
and spots?
I ask because i am thinking that by tanning it’ll make the skin
a bit tougher and less sensitive or am i talking nonsense.

After attending a melanoma symposium update this last Saturday, I would vote no for tanning.

There is no such thing as a safe tan and DNA damage occurs even if you don’t get a sunburn.

Melanoma is the deadliest kind of skin cancer and has been rising steadily for the past 30 years.

Tanning beds or sun at the beach, it is not safe. This is a very sneaky and gross cancer to get. What patients have to go through is tough if it is not discovered early and cut out with clean margins. The good news is, the immune therapies and the targeted therapies are showing great results over the conventional chemotherapy of years past. People are living longer.

Don’t stress your immune system with tanning. You need every bit of a healthy immune system so your body can fight " invaders". There are some dermatological skin problems where light therapy is prescribed, but yours isn’t one of those.

Spray tanning, for now, is a much safer and equally economical alternative. I would cover my mouth and nose because they don’t know if the chemicals can cause harm.

Have you thought of electrolysis (permanent removal) or laser reduction (permanent reduction) so you don’t have fool around with temporary methods that irritate your skin?

Many electrologists keep something like this for reference in their offices . We are in a unique position, with our magnification, to see spots that look suspicious.

Thank you for your reply,
is there a way to make the skin tougher or reduce the
redness and spots from waxing and sugaring as it is these
things that are preventing me from waxing in the future?

I don’t know what products they are using or the hygiene protocols, so you may want to ask them how to reduce this reaction, if it is even possible. You can also try out other businesses and see if you suffer the same.

Dee, any chance you can scan that card for me? I’d like to get a closer look at it, but the picture of it isnt enough to pick out the detail.I’m afraid I couldnt pick out a melonoma if I did see one.


Sure! If you PM me your address, I will send you an actual card like mine.

That would have been a conference I’d have attended … even “better late than never!"

Here’s a photo of yours truly getting zapped for my skin cancer (not a melanoma even). This was a Basal Cell … the nasty type … surgery and radiation. None of this was much fun, but I had the last radiation treatment on Friday (25 zappages in all). Now the skin is falling off … I suppose that means “it worked?” Just lovely really. I’m also having trouble sleeping now because I glow in the dark!

If this monster comes back, I’m “going off the fjord" for sure — in good-old Viking style. Dee and Josefa have been truly supportive and loving. It’s what’s in their hearts … exceptional woman and friends I count on and believe in. “Good Friends.” Does anything else matter?

Can we use you to power my off-grid project Michael?


You might want to try a different salon that uses a different kind of wax. There are ingredients in some waxes that I react too when getting eyebrows done. I put hydrocortizone cream and a cold cloth on it after which seems to help my skin. Soft wax is brutal on my skin…hard wax is better. I know they always say to stay out of the sune after waxing bc skin is so sensitive.

I knew that you are one of those who shine with his own light :cool: . My nose has never failed me. :smiley:
This will be very useful when you come to Spain next spring to give a lecture about the process of healing and all the side effects of Electrolysis treatments, those annoying lights pointed at your face will not be needed. :wink: Because you will come, right Mike?

Also- a lot of “after care” wax products contain harsh chemicals. Maybe try waxing without using their products and only using hydrocortizone cream and cold compresses to see if that helps.