Sun exposure: living in a tropical place and doing LHR

Hello, I live in a very tropical and sunny place.
I just spoke with A laser company about doing LHR, but I don’t think it’s possible I can be out of the sun for a year doing treatment. The sun is out all the time, year round. What do you guys think of me just avoiding the sun one week before and after treatment? They want me to come in once every 5 weeks for the first 7-10 sessions. & they said I’d need to be out of direct sun exposure for a year . I can’t wear leggings and sweaters in 100 degree weather where I live .
I am type 5 with curly hair.
The sun rays here are strong so you do tan quickly.

My dear friend Aren lives in Kaua’i and is an electrologist who worked with me for 10 years here in California. We did her legs, she is part Samoan, with electrolysis and she avoided the sun … but NOT for an entire year. Maybe take the “slow and steady” approach; with something that is also guaranteed to work … electrolysis. Sadly, the phenomenal electrologist I knew (Oahu) is retired and there are now very few electrologists in the islands … that I know personally, that is.

Thanks so much for your reply!
Is LHR not permanent? You recommend electrolysis over LHR? If so why?

The purpose of avoiding sun exposure during laser treatments is so that you avoid tanning your skin. You don’t need to hide from the sun at every point, but you do need to use sunscreen properly and stay in shade where possible. As your skin becomes darker, it becomes harder to get any results with laser.

Laser is worth trying if you’re an ideal client, but the results can be unpredictable even under ideal conditions. I’ve seen some people who achieved results similar to electrolysis and others for whom the laser made no perceptible difference.


I ditto Thermo’s reply …

Why do you recommend electrolysis over LHR?
My concern with electrolysis is that I scar easily, and that i’d end up with a bunch of hyperpigmentation:/
But after some research I’m seeing that it is more ideal for people with hairs that aren’t significantly darker than your skin tone. It also seems like you have to stay out of the sun for less amount of time with electrolysis, I tan extremely easily so with LHR even with sun screen i’d have to basically stay in the shade to not tan.

I talk about electrolysis because that is what I know … after more than 45 years. I think you need more information from a laser tech to make the right decision.

I do both Electrolysis (since 1991) and Laser (since 2003) so I have no bias.
Skin type 5 requires a yag laser and should be treated every 8 weeks not 5 (science results).
As for the sun exposure, sun screen is a must and should be avoided for 1 week before and 1 week after. This means no suntanning or lying in the sun. As a Skin Type 5, I doubt you suntan. Normal day to day exposure with sunscreen is ok.
As for permanence, it is permanent reduction. From my years of experience, underarms, bikini and lower legs are great. Avoid face and fine body hair, you are asking for problems. Even men’s backs and chests are questionable. Males are full of testosterone and the hair grows sideways. Lasers are perpendicular and cannot address angled follicle. Hence the results are usually not great. This is why, in my humble opinion, lasering the face can be disastrous. Especially the neck. I always do Electrolysis on the face except for a dark beard removal on Transladies. But…there is always some electrolysis to do to complete.
There is always maintenance treatments that may be required. I tell my clients do a treatment before summer or vacation.
For myself personally, my lower legs, bikini and underarms were done by laser in 2003. Wonderful results! I am a skin Type 3 with dark brown hair. But I won’t touch my face except with Electrolysis.
One other thing, most places undertreat. Laser hurts! You have to raise the internal temperature of the follicle approximately 70 degrees F above body temperature to get destruction. Ouch!

very good recommendations …