Suitable for laser? (pictures)

Hi! I am a female who has has a history with laser infuced hair growth in my face, currently having electrolysis. I went to a spa for the hair, and now im going to a dermatologist. Question is, is my hair suitable for laser? Im really scared to have more hair. My belly is killing me, so is my legs…

I’m not a laser professional, but as an electrologist who sees a LOT of paradoxal laser hair stimulation cases ( paradoxal hyertrichosis) I’m not comfortaable with the slightly olive complexion you seem to have and thin this could be a serious concern for you. Maybe it’s the lighting in the pictures, but if its like that in general, you should consider the risks carefully or you could end up with a lot more hair than you have now.

I was afraid so, being middle eastern. Right now i have quite a tan too, but would you say i could have hypertrichosis on my legs too? I’m just totally sick of all the hair, ruining my dating life, i dont go out much anymore, can’t ever wear a stress. I have “thin” but noticeable hair on my chest and upper chest to. Of course i would opt. for electrolysis, but its quite expensive and right now i do 2 hours a week for my face only.

Edit: i would say i’m a fitzpack scale 3.

Agian, I’m not a laser practitioner, so I dont think i could give you an educated opinion on that, but in general, if one part of the body is unsuitable, they all are.


Laser is cleared by FDA as a Permanent Hair Reduction method not Permanent Hair Removal which is the electrolysis.
The outcome using laser is unpredictable and unknown.
You can have some percent of permanent reduction. It could be 10%, 30%,50%…
Nobody can give you answer how much exactly.
Also it is very possible that the laser could make nothing or even worst it could stimulate more hairs.
My suggestion is to make test patches with laser to see if its working and then to decide to continue with laser and later to finish with electrolysis or to start directly with electrolysis treatment. You need to find electrologist willing to do marathon sessions which will help to clear the areas faster. If you are close to Montreal I will be happy to help you.

Sorry, I’m reasonably confident you won’t experience worthwhile results on your stomach or legs. You might see a reduction in the thickest hairs on your legs, but the results will be underwhelming.

The good news is that your stomach area would be quicker to treat than you may think. I agree with Dimi, if you can find an electrologist who can do a marathon clearance, you will be quite pleased with the results even after the first clearance.

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As someone who has practiced laser hair removal for over 18 years and having been involved in FDA studies, I disagree with some of the observations on this Forum. Stimulation may occur mostly on skin type 4 on the face , neck, upper arms mostly. On skin type 3, it may occur on shoulders and upper arms.
If hair is medium to coarse, it does not occur. Of course, there are exceptions to this. However, after performing over 600,000 procedures, these have been my observations. The pictures in this post look good for laser on skin type 4. I would use an NDYAG laser. The legs would NEVER get more hairs, except on the upper legs, if the hair is very fine and not treated with the right settings. On the abs, I would not treat the extreme sides but definitely the extended happy trail.