Suggestions on an Electrology school

I wanted to ask if anyone here knew of any good electrologist school in the Los Angeles area (California). I’ve been googling around for a school, but it has proven to be tougher than I thought. Either they are very scarce or I am using the wrong search terms. I live in Los angeles so if anyone knows of a good electrologist school could you please let me know the name/price? I will then try to google again and find the phone number so I can call them, or show up in person if the address comes out first. Thank you everyone for taking your time to read this and I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section!

There used to be a school in Long Beach. I think I read here that it moved to another part of south LA or Orange County area…You may want to contact Robin Harris, who is an electrologist in Westwood and who is/was an instructor there.

AIE (the school LAgirl is talking about) is now in Santa Ana (Orange County) California. It is a great school, and I love it. But it would be a couple-hour drive for you, FooglyHair.

As far as I know it’s the only school in Southern Cali.

One of the typical effects of licensing programs like the one in California is that schools tend to dry up and disappear. If people can’t earn while they learn, they often can’t afford to complete the program.

The only school in Southern California is AIE in Santa Ana. This is a great school! Johanne Fortier who is a nationally known speaker and educator and is the Director of Education there, so you will get a top rate education. You can contact the school directly for information on rates and the program at 714-564-0417.

Hope this helps

James, this reminds me of something you said in another post. I could go out of town and do 120 hours with no problem, but the cost of time away from work to do 320 makes it prohibitive and has kept me from moving forward.