Sugaring on arms??

I wanted to know how good of results people have had sugaring their arms. I believe that Nads is a form of Sugaring right?? How effective is Nads. Also, how long does it typically last? Also, What method is the best to get the best results? Now I have read that Vaniqa is the only hair inhibitor that has had any results, my questions is, does it work on areas like arms as well as on faces?? My skin is fair and I have dark coarse hair, is that better or worse for sugaring and hair inhibitors?? Thanks for any help that I get.

I’ve had great results with sugaring my arms. I’ve personally haven’t tried the Nads product…I’ve heard it’s not that great. I suggest that you use a product called “Andrea Hair removal System: Facial & Body Sugaring kit” which is sold in most drugstores. Usually my results last from 3 weeks to a month, sometimes longer. A little advice on getting the best results: To make sure the sugaring sticks to the hairs, Put a little bit of baby powder on your arms then apply the sugaring to the skin in the direction of the hair growth, apply a firm hand pressure and finally pull in the opposite direction. It’s also good if you can ask someone to help you with the “procedure”…which makes it a whole lot easier. I find the more you do it , the hairs become finer. I don’t think it really matters if your hair is coarse, just make sure it’s long enough to be pulled out(hair should be 1/4 inch long). I think Vaniqa is best suited for the face, but i’m not sure.
Best of Luck :wink:

Waxing and sugaring usually is easiest on arms and legs.

Vaniqa is a prescription cream that can slow facial hair growth in some people, but it does not remove hair.

Nads works best on long thin hairs and has had a lot of complaints becuase it’s so overhyped on TV. Waxing and sugaring takes some trial and error to get the skill down. I find the types where you apply strips of cloth or paper into the wax or sugar are a little more effective than the no-strip types.

What types are they that you apply strips of cloth or paper into the wax or sugar??

You can see some of the brands that use wax and strips at Folica: