sugaring log experience

hi all, i know i find it really helpful when others right down their experience with laser and electrolysis and i figured why not do the same with other things like sugaring and waxing! hehe… so here it is

yesterday i sugared (at home, by myself, but its the same thing if i were to buy the product and do it)…

ingredients =sugar and water, with little lemon juice… and i let it cool and then i kneeded (spelling??) it in my hands

body parts: arms till elbows, legs till up upper thighs (couldnt do bakini area cause it hurt), and under arms.

i had been growing the hair in those areas because sugaring only works and works best with long hair… so i had let it grow for about three weeks and half and the hair was about 1 cm long.

i had dark, think black hair on my legs (but lighter and thinner on thighs) and same in underarm… by arms were lighter and thinner compared to legs.

i sugared using the same technique with waxing… laying down the sugar with the hair and pulling in the opposite direction… if the sugaring got stuck i would pull in direction of hair to get the sticky sugar off and then proceed as usual.

so i sugared all of that and it took me couple of hours… i had to take breaks in between to put aloe vera gel on the area i had just done (but first i washed a little with cold water to take out some of the sugar residue before i put on the gel)

couple of things to notice…

-dont sugar areas that have no hair… after the second or third time, the sugar will stick to you and it will be extremely hard to get it off and you could leave a bruise mark on there.

-pulling skin back is really a good idea.

-once done, dont wear form fitting cloths (try not to wear anything on the areas done…haha) because the skin will be tender and clothing will only irritate. >>i wore shorts and a tank top when i was done… so that also helped the gel to work on my skin without it being rubbed off by clothing.

-if redness is a problem… run leg/arm/whatever under cold water for a little while and dab dry (dont rub…it will irritate)… then put cream or gel.

-try to wait a while before taking a shower, because that involves rubbing and that would irritate the freshly sugared skin and cause it to go red again… but its up to you… depends on how sensitive the skin is… or go easy in the shower

… so after i was done and i did all of the above… my arms and thighs look amazing… so soft and clean and they feel like a baby’s bottom… i swear!.. my legs also feel sort of soft… but because of the already thick and dark hair that i had before… not all hair was 100% off and i had some stubble (not from the sugaring, but from short hairs that did not grow long enough for the sugar to hold on to)… and i got big pores on my legs. so black spots are sort of visible… it sucks… but it beats being hairy!.. under arms are soft… but i got a problem there from before, where i break out into bumbs and stuff… but this is an individual problem… most ppl do not get this.

so conclusion wise—sugaring worked best in areas with long hair and thin hair… but thick hair works well, but depending on the size of the pores, the pores will be visible.

and keep loading on the cream and gel even days after sugaring, just to keep it nicee and soft and irritation free (if yorr skin is prone to that stuff)…

i sugared 100 times before and i can tell you that i know my arms (from the elbow region) will break out into white head pimple things… i am hoping it wont this time because i used aloe vera for the first time ever (before i just used regular cream)…

so this hair free feeling and look will last about 2 weeks to a month. i would tell you what to expect when the hair starts coming out… but i’ll leave that till when i actually experience it. :smile:

sugaring is great for when going on vacation and you’ll never have to bother with shaving or anything. your skin will stay feeling really smoooooth and soft.

good luck all… i’ll report soon with the progress. if you have any questions, ,feel free to ask me


Excellent report Rachelle!

Could you give us your formula or more details ion the sugar mixture you use…

As most people here will relate, freshly smooth is an unbeatable feeling… I was waxed 3 weeks ago, leaving just eyebrows and a head to shave, and I wish I was that smooth all the time… Until I can get my head and finances around full electro, I am going to be waxing/sugaring… I doubt I will be able to wax my own back or neck though… one of the reasons I go to the girls to have it done…



hi david!.. great to be back in the forum… i actually had a long reply to your post and i thought it had gone thru and when i checked back it wasnt there! i was so sad… anyway, here is my second try…

i had been away for a month in my vacation and had sugared three days before leaving… i sugared again once during my vacation because the hair on my legs and arms starting growing back 2+ weeks into my vacation. above knews hair grew back as well but i didnt bother doing it… but some areas are still hair free even know!.. myu under arms i did as well and i waxed them three days ago.

now… just to add to my first post… using the aloe vera was great… i did not get as much white head bumbs as i usually get when i sugar… so i shall continue using aleo vera when ever i sugar, wax etc.

… here is the not so great part of my experience…
… when the hair starts to grow back, it itches as it tries to brbeak through the skin… i had that majoring on my legs… so it itches and some areas break out… i got that mostly on my arms… so they loook like small pimples…

solution…in the shower, ,use a scrubbing thing with the soap and scrub the skin hard to help the hair break through. that should releive the bumbs and redness and itchiness…

… hmm… what else… i guess thats it… as of now… the hair on my legs are about half a cm long and my arms are a little bit longer cause i did them before i did my legs so they had more time to grow back.

i will continue to sugar and wax, as electrolysis is something i would do on small areas of my body and i wont be able to do now anyway cuase its expensive… i am just taking my sweet time for the hair to grow on my legs and arms and then i sugar… i am not married, nor do i have a boyfriend, so i have less pressure to stay hair free 24/7. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

and david, regarding the sugaring technique… it is really hard for me to explain it to you here cause no matter what, you must see it for yourself and watch someone do it a couple of times before you can do it yourself… there is an art to making it and an art to using it that requires time and patience to learn. good luck buddy, i’ll search for a good website with a video or something and if i find it i will post it here for you <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


by the way, if you are satisfied with waxing, there is no need to do sugaring, cause they are very very similar to each other. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />