I bought Kalos wax from Beauty Co. and am very pleased! It contains aloe, so the smell might even be called pleasant. It took out every sing hair that the wax touched. Coarse and fine, it did not matter. It gripped the muslin strips like Sally Hensen’s brand could never even dream of :wink:
My skin isn’t dry or chapped, and only once did some skin get taken off, and at that it was a very small amount.
I definitely recommend this!

Amy Smooth Legs :grin:


Is that an online store? this product sounds good, i’d be interested to try it.


That should take you to their website. I bought it at the store they have here in town, but they may not have a store near you.
Good luck! :grin:


Cool! Thanks for the report, Amy! :smile:


Hello, new here - just wanted to say that the Parissa hot wax kit for face (stripless) performed wonderfully. This to me is interesting because home kits (including all cold wax strips, most of the sugaring products) and many of the pros have failed to get a good grip on my stachio. It doesn’t smell great or anything, but in some kind of residual masochistic way, this makes me trust it more…

Also, you absolutely must pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions. I can see how it might be problematic if you wait too long to remove the stuff (it hardens pretty quickly, and if you let it stiffen completely, you’re SOL for getting it off your face); but on the other side, once the magical “honey” consistency is achieved, application is easy (just smudge on a whack of it in the opposite direction of hair growth). The pain is stunning, but since you’re able to control the momentum of the “lift” (you can go a bit at a time, flicking the wax upwards in spurts), it’s manageable. (also, since pain is the inevitable midwife of hairlessness, I can deal with it.) My upper lip is now smooth as a spoon.