Success with Electrolysis or Laser Removal for face?

I’ve been dealing with gradually worsening hirsutism on my chin and upper lip, lower lip and below my chin for several years. The hair on my upper lip is rather fine, with some coarser hairs and the hair on my chin is medium, slightly prickly to the touch, and usual shows as little dark spots under the skin between waxing/tweezing. Is there any ladies out there with similar hair growth that would strongly recommend either electrolysis or laser or had success with either? I want to get out of this embarrassing social situation. Thanks for any input.

if the skin is light and hair is dark and coarse, laser is a good option (if there is enough hair to justify it). if the hair is pretty fine and sparse, electrolysis is a better way to go.

I rejoined this group since I suffer from hirsutism and is getting worse and worse, especially on my face. I did go to an Endocrinologist once and I am not sure what I was diagnosed with, she did give me a POCS handout so I am asuming that is what I have, but I do not know the exact cause (i.e. what hormone is the culprit of all). I took Birth control-Yasmin, Vaniqua on the face (where it is the worst), dexomesathone and spirinolactone. I could feel no new hairs growing anymore, BUT as soon as my testosterone levels were within normal range, the dr stopped the dexomesathone and the hair started to grow back. Also, I gained A LOT of weight, I am probably about 50 lbs overweight. The dr tried to put me on a diet for diabetics (1200 calories a day), which I was not able to keep up with. Anyways, the dr’s practice got huge and the only person I saw during my visits was the Nurse Practicioner, the dr just would not show up anymore. Also, the dr said I could try laser hair removal, but did not really recommend any good clinics, she told me to try some that they announced on the radio: I DO NOT THINK SO!
I got so frustrated with the weight gain and the dr that I decided to stop taking ALL of the medications (except for the Vaniqua) and kind of cleanse for a year.
I went back to my OBGYN and like always, he asked how I was doing with my hirsutism. I mentioned that I was free of medication and he suggested to start talking the birth control because it is good to have a period at least every 6 mos. I am 33 years old, I had quit smoking and I kind of have gone back to my old nasty habit about 6 mos. ago. Not as much as before, but I am smoking again. As soon as I quit again I will start taking the pill again (you know the dangers of smoking, the pill and being close to 35, hehe). I am getting back in shape little by little, I have lost about 10 lbs since last March, BABY STEPS!!!
I am going to ask my OBGYN to recommend me to a different endocrinologist so I can see where my hormone levels are and see if that dr has any recommendations on Dermatologists or reliable clinics that do laser hair removal. Anybody has had any experience with any of these in the Austin area?
I am of latin descent, I would say my skin is light to dark-light and very dark, very coarse hair. I am asuming LASER is the way to…Please correct me if I am wrong.

I wanted to say THANKS for having this great site. Every time I look in the mirror, I asky WHY ME? I always think of what I would give up in order to have ALL of this hair taken away from my face. I seriously envy all the girls that have smooth skin and NO HAIR whatsoever on their face…

It is nice to know that we are not alone and that there are places like these available to support each other. It is very encouraging to read ALL of these success stories!!!

you can use the search feature on this and the other 2 hair removal forums to search for recommended places to go to in your area. also, several manufacturer websites like Candela and Cutera have provider searches on their sites. Have a few consultations before you decide.

Also, in order to start any kind of permanent hair removal, you need to get your hormone levels under control first. otherwise, it will seem like it’s not working because your body will still be producing new hair.

look up the Fitzpatrick chart and see what your skin type is. If it’s I-III, find someone with a diode or alexandrite laser (like GentleLASE, LightSheer, Apogee, etc). If you’re darker than that, a Yag laser would be best (Coolglide, Sciton, Lyra, GentleYag, Apogee Elite, etc). Laser works best on coarse dark hair. If that’s what you have, laser should be a good start.

Yikes you sound just like me same age etc… except I quit smoking 6 years ago. I’ve seen several Doctors since I was 16 I took lots of meds I don’t even know all the names of them there were so many.
When I was diagnoised with cancer due to taking huge amounts of birth controll pills (7-10) a day. I dare ask again about this hair growth and I was told “Stop taking these pills and just get laser already”. I had several laser treatments and it thined out the hair a bit. After a couple of months the hair started to grow back .So I went back in and followed up with Electrolysis the only proven permanant form of hair removal. The laser was a quick fix and I did feel better but I didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars every month. I spend only $15.00 a week on electrolysis and I know someday I will be done.
There was a orginazation called Daughters of Hirsitsm in the early 90’s. They were on Jerry Springer before his show went crazy and they were dedicated to helping gals like us with education and financial asistance you might want to do a google on them.
I also was in a article in the Chicago Tribune at that same time and there was a lot of helpful info there. Doctors that seemed to know what they were doing to rid there paticents of these proublems. Bad for me most of the Doctors were in NY.
Good Luck!!

I found the number 312-588-1365 Daughters of Hirsutism.

I have many successes with hair removal on the face with both males and females who have excess hair due to imbalances. (yes, men have it too, but their problem makes them have to shave multiple times a day and still look like they have not shaved at all, and or they appear to have more hair than skin.)

Please put your Location in your profile so that you can get as much help as we can give you no matter what post a person reads from you.

Anyone who has imbalances, diabetes, or even problems like S.A.D. (seasonal affected disorder) should get Julia Ross’ The Diet Cure, and Don Lemmon’s Know How Book One and Know How Book Two. You will be amazed at how quickly you can change your whole life.

As for Austin Texas, I will be the fill in electrologist at Austin Medical Electrolysis Center Later this month and into February. Hopefully the situation I am alleviating is over before March, as I will no longer be able to continue there full time once my yearly tidal wave starts back at my office, in addition to preparations to move my practice once again.

If I saw you during my stay in Austin, I would be able to get you to first clearance, and perhaps start maintenance. Everything after first full clearance is down hill from there.

I wish you the best in all you do.

Congratulations on the weight loss (I hope you are doing it in a healthy way) and we all are pulling for you to be the best you that you can be…
Thanks for finding the info on the Hirsutism group Nanci. See, everyone can contribute quickly. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Glad to hear y’all are gonna be in town soon; we Texans sure do like visitors and hope your stay is pleasant. The weather should be fine this winter, despite a few wildfires…

Can you let us know a bit more about the Austin Medical Electrolysis Center (web address?) and how we can arrange to meet you? Do you have an approximate schedule (times & dates)? Fees? Public appearances? I am sure you will be busy, but I bet you find some time to see the sights, eat some fine food, and yearn to come back during the next Buffalo snowfall!

I am sure I will be singing Bowling For Soup’s song “Ohio”(Come Back To Texas)

So sad I missed ya!

I am going back to an Endocrinologist and see what is up with me. Hopefully this new one will be more involved with the patients and will have a better bedside manner.
Also, once they get me back in shape I am going to do Electrolysis, I think it is the best for me from what I have been reading.
I have another question…I have been plucking all of these years and I have skin discoloration (I swear…My skin is PURPLE where I pluck). Is there something I can do about this? Does this mean my skin is permanently damaged? Do I need to see a dermatologist about this?


Your skin will heal after you stop plucking.

I’ve never known anyone who had complete hair removal on their face using laser, but I know a lot of people who wasted huge amounts of money and years of their life trying. If I were you, I’d find a good electrologist. Sure, it’s not the quick fix laser is. However, it’s PERMANENT and will save you money and time over the long term. At one time, I had a thick, heavy beard. It’s gone now, with no scarring, thanks to electrolysis.

I’m a guy. laser worked poorly for me. I had 11 treatments and the hair loss was patchy. it’s been growing back a little in the bald spots. some areas remained completely hairy.

wouldnt recommend it. it’s hard to find a good laser and tech that knows how to use it. personally i dont think it works long term. there is no clinical data beyond a 1-2 years.