SUCCESS stories with laser hair removal on legs???? anyone....:)

Hello Well I have been going to American Laser Centers here in Novi Michigan for over a year, and started with face and bikini, and got such decent results I purchased a package for my legs.

I am interested in hearing others experience with laser hair removal on the legs??

How long did it take before you noticed patches missing?

How many treatments you have had?

How often now do you have to shave?

What was the pain like?

From my first treatment today,I must admit the pain was like a burning sensation for a few seconds. I did not mind it because I kept thinking…“no pain no gain”. It hurt worse around the ankles and on top of my feet. (they threw in my navel line and feet as a extra)

So far today my legs are red at each hair folicle…but it does not hurt at all now. I am happy with the laser tech, she was very personable, and put enough pressure on the laser that I felt like it would get down to each hair! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

thanks for any opinions and comments, you can even leave me mail on here…:slight_smile:

I am interested in what kind of laser they are using on you. I am in the process of deciding what to laser and when. I have read some horror stories about the face experiencing more hair growth after laser and in other areas. What was your experience? How much hair was there? What is your skin type? Thanks in advance for the info and good luck on your legs!


As I have mentioned I had been going for over a year for my face and bikini area. I basically am SKIN TYPE / very light skin, and Very dark black body hair. My face was extremely hairy, with a mustache (noticable), lots of black neck hair, side burns, and even chin hair!!! I just hated it so much, but after my 7th treatment mostly all the hair was gone except there was some extra hair growing on the cheeks that was dark in color. I had that treated and was told, that sometimes the laser may awaken other hair folicles. I do not mind, because I will try anything to get rid of the hair. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Right now, I would say my face is over 65% hair free , including the neck, and everywhere. My bikini line is about 75% hairfree…:slight_smile:

Laser being used: Lightsheer diode laser.

I am not sure about the legs, the redness has now gone away and I still see most of the hair folicles. I am rather hairy on the legs, some folicles have three hairs coming out!! I figure in the next week or so there might be some difference.

All in all my experience has been very good, and I am just happy to have less hair. I was a fur ball before. I am not embarassed to wear little bikini bottoms anymore, and my neck and mustache hair are basically all gone. I just have a few strays that started to grow on the cheeks. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Definately research this site, for all the different lasers they have out. Feel free to ask me any and all questions. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I hope this has helped you.

I am just starting to consider laser treatment on my legs. I have pale skin and very dark, coarse hair. I have only had one test patch done so far (IPL Quantum) which was 8 days ago. No hair has yet fallen out. I thought I could keep having the same patch done (can tell the spot as marked by a couple of freckles) to determine if it will work for me or not.

The reason I am so hesitant is because my twin (identical) sister had her face done about 10 years ago and all the fine hair on the sides changed into thick dark hair which she eventually had to have removed by electrolysis. I am hoping my leg hair will respond differently as it should be the ideal combination (skin colour/hair colour).

Why are you using the diode laser and not the IPL? The doctor I saw at the clinic thought the IPL would be better for me. Also has anyone tried doing the same patch several times over? How long does it take before the hair grows back? Is it the same amount of time as if you had waxed?

I would be interested to hear how you go as it sounds as though my problem is very similar (also have 3 hairs growing out of one follicle in some areas)! Yuk!

Well that is a good question, why I do not use the IPL Quantum laser on my legs. You know I have been going to the American Laser Center for over a year now, and really have had pretty good results with the lightsheer diode laser on my face and bikini area that I am just hoping (crosses fingers) it will work wonders on my legs. Though I had my legs four days ago, and honestly do not see much change. I just remember sometimes I would not see any results really till my fourth treatment. (bikini area took about four treatments to notice changes) .

I had a similiar experience to your twin sister with the face. I had some lighter hairs that grew in darker, and was told that sometimes the laser awakens latent hair folicles, and they are sometimes more resistant to treatment than any other area on the body. I am having my cheeks treated now, so hoping that goes away.

Did your sisters electrolysis work? I think I am going to do that after this if it does not work.

My hair is usually slower to grow once I start the laser treatments, where I needed to shave twice a week before, I can get away with once a week, if that. ( I can be pretty lazy though too)

I have never really waxed any body part, except for my eyebrows. So I am not sure on if the hair grows back as fast as it would if I waxed it off.

Is the IPL Quantum a new laser that came out? How did it feel having it done, what was the pain like? I am going to research that laser more, maybe that is a better option.

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

My sister’s electrolysis did work on her face (was like a man’s beard after the laser treatment). She did have to have a lot of sessions to get rid of it though. I have only had electrolysis on the face and it has got rid of dark chin hair plus a lot of finer hair around the lower face. I don’t worry about the upper lip as it is too painful with electrolysis. Instead I just wax it once a week which works fine. The electrolysis method I use has 16 needles inserted at once (from the one machine) and you have an arm band connected to you for conducting the electricity. I have found this works better than other electrolysis methods (where they just do one hair at a time).

In terms of the IPL Quantum laser test, yes it did hurt. Apparently it was on a setting of 35. I told the doctor I wouldn’t be able to handle it for 1 and a half hours so I was told I could go to the chemist and buy a cream called Embla which numbs the area (about $75 here in Australia). You put the cream on at the clinic prior to the treatment and then they wrap the area up in glad wrap and wait for 1 hour (another clinic told me 20 mins was enough). Then they can turn the machine up to a higher setting of 45 which to me sounded worth doing.

I am a bit dubious about having the area shaved immediately prior to the laser treatment. Wouldn’t it be better to shave a couple of days before so there is a little bit of regrowth which I would have thought the laser machine would identify more easily?

No, it is better to shave the night before or the day of the laser treatment. The Lightsheer handpiece makes contact with the skin and hair above the skin may interfere with the laser penetration deeper into the follicle. You are also more likely to burn if there is hair above the skin.


Well I need to find out more about the electrolysis that has 16 needles inserted at one time!!! That sounds a lot better then one needle at a time.

I have heard of Emla cream before. I know for my laser treatments, they suggested I not use it, because that way just in case , if something were to happen and they burnt my skin, I would feel it rather then be numb. So far my laser treatments are paintful, but hopefully will be worth it in the end.

I just shaved the other night (Saturday ) legs, it has been four days since the laser hair removal, and I must say there is no difference, in fact the hairs seem coarser…I wonder if this is due to them being singed? Maybe it is my imagination. I can not see any spots without hair yet…:frowning:

Hairs treated with laser or IPL most of the time start to shed after one week and will continue to shed for up to three weeks, that meens all hairs will not shed simultaneously - my experience is that thicker hairs take a longer time to come loose from the skinn.
Also, you think that you hair has beocme thicker because the roots or the part of the hair that was below the skin are “growing out” and thats the thickest part of a hair. You can see this if you pull out a unshaved hair that is finer at the top. You can see that it becomes thicker further down and the “root are” is the thickest part.

Hmmm Well it just seems they said when I got the laser removal that " Your boyfriend is going to love your smoothe legs"…I am pretty sure they meant when this is all done. Right now, the hairs are still pretty much the usual. They are not really growing out as fast though…so that is a good start…

But I did pull one out and notice it gets thicker…and that root…big ole bulb! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

4 days is a little too early to judge results. shedding takes 2-3 weeks, so wait and see what happens then. i’m sure most of the hair on your legs will shed by then. keep us posted

Yes I am just over anxious. Originally I figured it might take three or four treatments to really see results. So far the only thing noticable is the delayed growing, it seems to be growing slower…But it could be my imagination.>I will take before and after pictures too…:slight_smile:

yes, make sure to take pictures. most of us didn’t and regret it now. it’s normal for the growth to be delayed after treatment. hair is preparing to shed <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I have pictures from the start from the laser center. I am curious as to why they take pictures each and every time? I just figured they would before, and when I am completely done?

it’s interesting to see the progress and % removed after each session.

btw, if the hair you pull out is with s bulb, it’s not the one treated by laser. those will come out without the bulbs on the end.

If one wants to be fully prepared for possible lawsuits, one must document actual treatment progress to be able to show when a problem developed. Ongoing photos also give one something to show the client who thinks they have made less progress than they have, can be given a reality check. (that is if that would be helpful to get them back in your office <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Well it has been over three weeks since my first laser leg removal treatment, and I must say. I notice my legs are smoother now after shaving. So I am excited to see the rest of the treatments and the results. I hope the hair on my knees is finally removed in time! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

bumping this up

Well I am just updating the progress. I have now undergone 3x treatments on my legs.

So far there really has been no difference, just the hair is growing slower. Granted that is good too. I mentioned this to the tech who turned the joules up to 30. I must admit it was like a deep burning feeling this time. After there were bumps from how hot the laster was, but no concern they quickly diminished after I was done. I hope I can get higher, as she said she has one client who is able to do 56 joules. I am expecting to see results.

One problem is I am leaving on a cruise, so I figure I will have to use tons of sun screen.

I am still seeing great results on the bikini area and face (a few stragglers but nothing too bad)

I think, especially after the third or even the fourth treatment, you’ll start noticing a big difference. That was my experience. I started with the idea of getting a reduction and after 5-6 treatments with Aurora and one with Coolglide, I’ved got a good reduction. I am still considering more as the more hair I have had removed from my legs, the better they look. My upper body has been fairly hairless naturally so having less hair on my legs looks natural. It would be different if I had a hairy upper body and had hairless legs.