*** Success! *** 5 TX with GLase+ EIGHT Yrs Later

Hello again

I stated in an original post 8 years ago I would maintain contact, and I am nothing if not persistent (and consistent).

Original post is here from Sep-2007:

[color:#CC66CC][size:14pt]It has now been 8 years since I completed 5 rounds of GentleLase treatments (@ 18mm spot and 20J/cm2 fluence). To date, there has been absolutely no increased growth since completion. No increased re-growth at all. My chest is exactly as it was all those years ago![/size][/color]

Will update on my 10th anniversary in 2 years.

Hope others have the resounding success I have had – or that it may perhaps provide some hope for those about to embark on this journey. Good luck.


Thank you for the update, ex-gorilla! So nice if you to remember to come back.

Is there a new picture to go with this
that I’m not seeing?

Ex-Gorilla, you’re one of very few people that takes the time to report on your laser treatment success after 8 years!! Most people just get it done and move on with their lives. Thanks for helping people out by continuing to keep us updated here. It certainly removes doubt that laser works and is permanent.

Great stuff, thanks for the update!