stupid Q

what is the difference, laser and electrolysis?

im not english speaker. i don’t know the difference. which is more expensive then?

If you don’t speak english, I don’t know how you will be able to get a good understanding of the answer to your question.

In short, While Electrolysis is permanent hair removal, performed on a follicle by follicle basis with over 100 years worth of proof that it works, LASER performs something legally known as “Long Term Hair Removal”.

As for which is less expensive, depends on what you mean by less expensive. Although it may be less expensive to clear an entire area once with LASER, it is less expensive to get to the place where you never need further treatment with Electrolysis, because even if you get good results with LASER, you still have to “Finish With Electrolysis” once your hair has mutated to the point where LASER has no further ability to treat it.

So short term, LASER might seem cheaper to some, but Long Term GOOD ELECTROLYSIS is the better value.