student salon

hi. i’ve posted this question on the laser board, but i think it may be more appropriate here.

as a student, i’ve been trying to find a the best value for my electrolysis money. there’s a student-run salon in my area where students practice their craft on paying customers under the supervision of their teachers. on the plus side, at £16/hr, it is very cheap. the downside, of course, is that they only have a couple months’ of experience. each time you go, you get a different student working on you.

i’ve been going there for a while for facials, and they’ve always been very professional. a friend has gone there for electrolysis on her chest and came out with good results.

what do you guys think? should i pay extra for someone with 10 years’ of experience, but who may not be up to date with the newest techniques? or should i just trust that the teachers at the student salon won’t let anyone near a customer unless they know what they’re doing?

If the students are supervised, and the school is using decent equipment, then I would have no problem saving money by going to them… I may not let them loose on my face at first, but apart from that, go along and get some treatments and see how you go…

Good luck,