Strange side effects to Alexandrite Laser treatment on face

I just joined because I can’t find any information about this side effect any where on the web.

I have had two laser treatments for removal of hair on my chin. Each time I have had the same side effect: after the treatment my vision is blurred and takes about 15 minutes (at least) to return to normal. The first time my eyes were covered with (lead?) covers (like glasses). This time we put cotton pads under the glasses, the glasses, a towel, my hands and the dermatologists hand over mine (yes, it’s a dermatologist who is doing the treatment) but I still had the side effect - perhaps not as strong, but my vision still took a while to go back to normal.

I am 46, take medication for high blood pressure and am very overweight - perhaps factors in this side effect? I don’t wear glasses, and had “normal” pressure in my eyes a year ago when tested. My dermatologist is stumped, she has never had a patient experience this. And from my searches on the internet, it seems like not many others have either.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know why it might be happening?
THanks in advance