store wax

i’m a male and would like to try home waxing for the first time. what brands are available, if any, in our local stores? do i also need to purchase some kind of fabric as well?

Hi Kel,

It depends on what you’re waxing. I’ve been told that for non-sensitive areas use a Soft Wax (that’s the one that you use a cotton/muslin strip to rip off the wax), or for sensitive areas use a Hard Wax (the wax that you rip off without using a strip).

The Soft Was that I use is from Marzena. You can buy the whole kit, i.e. it comes with the Wax Tub, Spatula, and some Cotton Strips. Another brand to consider is Nads (I’ve never used it but is a popular brand according to the chemist).

The only Hard Wax that’s worked for me is Andrea Brazilian Wax. If you check out this website there is also a link to a Male Wax product.

These products are all available in Australia, I’m not sure if it’s available where you are.

I hope that helps.

i now know what to look for. i live in the US. thanks for the info.