Stopped laser. Starting electrolysis search.

I was scheduled to have my second appointment with a lightsheer tomorrow, but instead I have cancelled the appointment and made 3 consultations with electrologists in the area. Two are L.E.s and one is a C.P.E. Two of them have laser as well as electrolysis, so I assume they will try to sell that pretty hard (and of course, I will deny – i’m done with laser for the time being… I saw at least 90%, maybe 100%, regrowth in 2 months).

Anyways, as for the consultations, I’m hoping to get test spots done. What exactly should I look for? Obviously, i should not feel as if the hairs are being plucked, and i’m assuming my skin shouldn’t have a bad reaction for more than a day or two… cleanliness, professionalism, etc I can look for. Any more advice for what to look for in a consultation?

I’m in north carolina and i will post back when i am done with the consultations.

Basically, you should expect to have treatment that is comfortable enough to not make you flinch past the first few hairs (the first one is always a little startling because you don’t know what to expect) and a healing time that is not very long, if any noticeable problem is even evident after treatment.

With newer equipment, redness and swelling are at a minimum and can go away (if they appear at all) in as little as an hour or two. I have some clients whose skin regaines natural color by the end of the appointment in the area that we started on, while the area we leave off on, recovers its color by the time they reach their post electrolysis destination.

It was for this reason that most of my exotic dancer clients scheduled their electrology treatments just before work. My office is not far from where they work, and by the time they hit the stage, the skin was smooth and there was no color difference to notice.