stomach hair, best method???

I have fair but visible hair on my stomach and was wondering what you would recommend as the best removal method? I need a cheap but effective method, pls help!!

You could try a depilatory if the hairs are very fine, but be careful and follow instructions EXACTLY! Don’t leave it on too long or skip steps, or you could burn your skin!

You could also try buffing it off with a hair-off mitt, but some find this a little irritating.

You might have luck with a rotary epilator, but some aren’t the best at catching fine wispy hairs. I’d try a depilatory myself for that kind of hair, but BE CAREFUL! :fearful:

Try Nair 4 minute formula (though you may need to leave it on for 6 to 8 minutes). It has worked well on some of my tough hair, so it should do what you need.

I found a depilatory caused redness and was messy. I started waxing and that wasn’t too bad but I just got an epilator and its really cool because it’s so quick. Not painless, but not unbearable either and leaves you smoother than shaving and less regrowth.

I agree that epilators can be good for stomach hairs (unless they are really curly, then you might have ingrown issues). The further down you go the more it hurts, but overall, it’s not bad. It’s pretty easy to do yourself, but be sure to do it a day or two before you throw on a crop-top, since a lot of us get red bumps that can take a day or more to clear up.