Stomach/Chest Hair Removal Suggestionsl PLEASE HELP

Hey, I am an 18, soon to be 19-year-old guy. I have really thick, dark hair all over my stomach and chest (really the only places I have it). I am embarrassed to take off my shirt around people, and I get made fun of by my peers. I have tried Nair and shaving, and I get stubbles and bumps. I do have sensitive skin, but I am willing to try anything that won’t eat me alive. I also don’t want to do anything permanent or professional. Thanks for any help in advance.

I suggest you just get a hair trimmer with attachments and use the 1/2" attachment on your chest hairs to begin with. The hairs don’t grow at right angles to your chest so your hair won’t end up being exactly 1/2" long. But it will look far less dense and still very natural. It just won’t be thick and curly anymore. No one will even notice you did it. No itch, no scratch, no ingrowns, no stubble. Do this about every 6-8 weeks or whenever you get a regular haircut. Personally, I use a 1/4" attachment for all my body hair - chest, legs, arms - everywhere except my head! I need all I can get up there <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

I’d get a clipper with attached AC cord as the battery one’s I’ve tried are too anemic for my taste.

Good luck!