Stomach and Lower back hair removal for holidays!!

Hi guys. Basically I’d realllly like some help with stomach and lower back hair removal. I’m half-Persian and have fine dark hair covering my stomach and lower back.

I’m just about to backpack around Europe on my holidays and was wondering if there was any way in which I could remove the hair for a 4-6 week period without so much hassle as I’ll be staying in hostels. Is there any way electrolysis could do this for me? I know it is impossible to be completely accurate, but how long after you first remove the hair in these regions does it take to show regrowth? Can you completely remove these areas within 1 or 2 appointments?

If not, is there any temporary removal which you would would recommend for these areas without making it too bad for when I come back??

Thanks for the help in advance! xxx

Since you entered the electrolysis thread, rather than the laser or waxing thread, I figure that you are not interested in anything other than electrolysis. Is this the case?

You indicate that your lower back and stomach are covered with hair but it would be best to visit with an electrologist who can actually see the area and give you an approximate idea of the amount of time needed to clear it or thin it out to the point where you will be less self-conscious.

What have you done in the past to remove the hair?

if you have the typical female growth there, even if you can get the first clearance by having several hours of work done before you leave, it would be probably a bit irritated and you wouldn’t want to show it off. the best thing to do is to shave since it doesn’t affect the hair itself. personally, i think i would wax the areas since that way, you’ll have a hairfree area for 4-6 weeks, and then start electrolysis as soon as you get back. that way the new hair will be in the growing phase as well.

Thanks for answering guys - I am mainly interested in electrolysis and I will definitely be pursuing electrolysis for my back and stomach after I come back, its just that I’m a little (to put it mildly hahaha) embarrassed about wearing swimwear/bikini’s that show my back/stomach so my main priority would be removing this for the longest time possible whilst on holiday.

If I was ok for the first clearance - how long it would be on average before stubble starts to go grow back with electrolysis?

I was thinking of waxing, but I don’t want to make it worse for when i come back and want electrolysis? Also how long with waxing does it take to show stubble on average? Is it really 4-6 weeks?! As sad as it is, I would feel so self conscious if even a little stubble showed if I had a bikini on.

Apart from years ago when I used some kind of hair removal cream (I think) I haven’t done anything recently to the hair.

Thanks for the help, very much appreciated. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

waxing won’t make anything worse after just one time. yes, it takes about 4 weeks for the hair to start growing back and it might not all come in at once. the thing about either that or electrolysis, after first treatment, the hairs will start coming in a lot finer. so you won’t feel and it won’t look like “stubble” per say. And once a few hairs do come in, you can easily shave them without stubble being visible since there will be only a few at that time and thin.

either way, i’m not sure how much time you have, but if you go with electrolysis just for this one time, be aware that the hairs are treated one-by-one. so take into account how many hours of treatment you will need to get all of them before you leave.

If your planning on getting any electrolysis in the area, then do not wax, epilate, or pluck in anyway, the area. Some hairs can be stubborn regrowers, and will slow down your electrolysis schedule. I’m going through this right now, on a small body area that i kept on plucking, when I should have stopped. here it is four months down the road and I’m still getting hairs popping up there. While all other areas have been quick to clear.


waxing only once won’t make any difference. if anything, it will even synch the hair so that it will all be in the growing phase - i.e. the easiest killed with electrolysis. the problems with waxing and plucking stem from doing it for a continuous period of time, i.e. months or years because you’re training your hair to become stronger. but that only happens over time, not after one treatment.

If the hair on your abdomen and lower back is making you too self conscious to wear your bathing suit this summer, well then, I have a solution!

Wear a one piece bathing suit. TA-DA!

That’ll cover your abdomen and lower back! Then, no worries about the possibility of the hair growing back stubly from shaving or ingrown from waxing. Since electrolysis is what you prefer, start it in Sept. Go and enjoy your life.