Stoma work

Have any of you treated the area around a stoma? Next week I have a client coming in that has some random hairs that he has been having to pluck. I will know more next week, but it is my understanding we are not talking about the area where the adhesive attaches(he shaves there), but on or near the stoma itself. I’ve seen pictures of stomas, but can’t really visualize where the troublesome hairs are growing. His wife says they are extremely painful to pluck. I’d like to help him if I can.

Any thoughts??


Mary C.

Out of curiosity, did a physician suggest electrolysis ? Can we see pictures if possible? You may want to communicate with his doctor if it is really close to the stoma. If it really hurts for him to tweeze, will he tolerate electrolysis? Can’t visualize his situation. Maybe they will let you take pictures.

Dee, No he was not referred. It is someone who I know. He had surgery about 3-4 years ago. I think it is highly possible that he will let me take pictures. He is flexible. And yes, there is a question as to whether or not he will be able to tolerate it. Personally, except eyebrows, I’ve never been able to tweeze on myself, but electrolysis was very tolerable. So I have hope that I can help him. It is just a few hairs at a time.

I am very curious just how these hairs are bothering him. I know he was very hairy and I wonder if during surgery the area where the stoma was “installed” was caught up somehow and the hairs are caught up next to scar tissue.

Going to be interesting…

This is a real challenge Maryc, I feel a little envious.

I have worked extensively in the postoperative period of pilonidal sinus (most men). All were referred by the surgeon who recommended to remove all hairs within 4 to 5 cm around the perimeter of the open lesion. This will prevent infections caused by hairs that are introduced into the surgical area.
Working around a stoma should be very similar. As if it’s any help, I usually take precautions are put double gloves, wash with soap of chlorhexidine from the edges toward the outside of the opening, before and after work. Apply a little Betadine to finish.

Thank you Josefa. I will follow that protocol. This should be very educational for me!!

Mary C.