Still wandering in the market of electrolysis


Hello Andrea!

The questions still appear…

I would like to know what you think about:

Emjoi╝ Beauty Forever Hair Removal Device

Needle-Free Electrolysis - TE

Do you also have positive references on One Touch+ Deluxe Home Electrolysis?

Taking into account the main factor for achieving permanent results in field of hair removal - that is - inserting a probe into the follicile, as you mentioned, thus my question is can the function be fulfiled applying Needle-Free Electrolysis (Penetration-Free Electrolysis as it is also called)?
Is it possible to insert a probe into the follicile not touching the skin and therefore not incurring any damage to skin?
Or Needle-Electrolysis application is inevasible?

As far as I know there are two types of Penetration-Free Electrolysises:

  1. Electrolysis that uses galvanic energy or direct current (DC)
  2. Electrolysis that uses radio frequency (RF) or alternating current (AC)

Can the target of inserting a probe into the follicile be equally achieved by both techniques?

While talking about One Touch Home Electrolysis you noted that it uses galvanic probe, does it mean that galvanic probe has advantages over radio frequency method and you recommend customers to give preferences to the first one?

What could be a better option tweezer designed Electrolysis or pen designed Electrolysis (paper cotton Q Electrolysis)?

How many voltages are required to destroy hair follicle or at least to achieve maximum result in it?

And what (maximum or estimated maximum) MHz energy does it need to operate on for successful results?

Some radio frequency Electrolysis advertized as operating on 27.125MHz energy, is it an indicator of efficiency?

Thanks a lot in advance for clarifying the above.



I answer all your questions at length on Hairfacts.

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You must insert a probe for proven permanent results. I discuss all the “penetration-free” methods at length as well:

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Galvanic home electrolysis is probably safer and home effective for home use by a consumer with little experience. If you are not inserting a probe into the follicle, there is no published data indicating you will achieve permanent hair removal.

You must use a device like thge One Touch, where you insert a probe into the follicle if you hope to have permanent results.