still numb/stiff 3 days later

Hi everyone,
Sorry to be posting so much lately, but I can’t find answers to some questions in the archives.

Friday was my first electro treatment on my upper lip and chin. Thermolysis for 1/2 hour in each area. We tackled all the very coarse hairs, which the electro kept repeating were "so strong’ and “stubborn.” I guess a lot of current was used.

It’s 72 hrs later and the parts of my upper lip that were treated still feel kind of numb or stiff in a way (esp noticeable when I move my mouth around while chewing). I think they are still a little swollen. They also look pinkish, though not noticeable to anyone (minor discoloration).

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do for it?
Thanks a million!

Yes it is normal.

It is swelling while the area heals. Your lip has massive reconstruction crews working overtime to get your lip bakc ot normal in a week or less. If you want to speed it up, get your Aloe Vera Gel/Juice, Aloe Cortisone to keep you from scratching it, and Tea Tree Oil for overnight intinsive treatment.