Still looking for a One Touch :) ....

I had posted that I was interested in getting a One Touch, yep, even used… I would prefer a new one, of course, but I can’t afford it… And I am thinking of just cleaning and sterilizing well an old one…
I read the post on how to make oneself an electrolysis device (thanks for the suggestion!), gave it a lot of thought and asked some people about it, but I am afraid I am not good enough myself at electronics nor know anyone who would make the device for me, here where I live. Or it would be as expensive as busying a One Touch new, which is impossible to me (I am REALLY broke).

So if you bought one and are not using it, or you just are thinking of gettng rid of it, let me know.

There are many E-Pens on Ebay. The last used one I saw was only $10.

Of course, I must also add that I advise one find a friend, both of you read up on electrology, purchase a professional epilator made by a reputable company like Apilus, Berkowits, Clairablend, Fischer, Hinkel, Instantron, or Sihouet-Tone and trade work with between your friends who have read the books and practiced with the machine.

Thanks, James for the tip.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any credit card, and I am not sure of how I could buy it through ebay. Can it be used for people from South America? how could I pay if I have no credit card? I don’t understand much how ebay works, but if you can, let me know :smile: .

ebay has many ways for one to pay.

If you have a bank account you can find a way to pay through ebay.

Also, most sellers on Ebay allow one to mail them payments regular mail.

You may just end up using a service like the one offered at

Good Luck

Great info, thanks!

paypal is a must in my opinion

lets you buy stuff in other currencies etc.

but you do need a checking account, do u have a checking account?

YOu mean, like in an account from which to make pays?
No, I don’t :frowning: .
I just have an account in a bank that was set by my employers, to pay my salary.

IC so you never put money into a bank? u just take money out right?

how do u pay utilities??? with cash?

Hi! I just get my money from my salary in the bank, after my employers put the money there.
I am very poor. Really.

BTW, yes, I pay utilities with cash, or the companies take the money away from that bank account where my employers put the money.

The account where your employer puts the money IS your bank account. You would just leave some money in that account for your paypal transfers.

Problem solved.