Still have hair after laser

I had alexandrite laser on Friday and this is Sunday. I still have the facial hair. I have lived with this for 23 years and hardly a hair is missing (I know them all!) I am going to see the plastic surgeon that did this tomorrow. I was expecting the current growth hair to be gone, was I wrong in expecting this? What was the procedure to do for me? It really hurt and I have three blisters to prove it.

It’s never a bad idea to give one’s doc a ring.

I have “heard” that with the Alexandrite laser it may take up to a week for hair to fall out or stop growing following a treatment. I’ve also heard of hairs falling out even sooner than that, but not everyone responds to treatment the same way. I have never had treatment with an Alexandrite laser, but the talk around town is that it is one of the more promising ones out there.

You know, I was so built up and anxious to be getting rid of unwanted hair, that it was easy to be nervous and skeptical after the first treatment. When all of my facial hair didn’t just magically fall out like I expected it to, I flipped a bit.

I had my first treatment with the Lightsheer(Diode laser), and it took 2 SLOW MOVING weeks before any results were even visible. The first treatment around, they didn’t get everything and I had patchy re-growth.

Again though, nobody knows how they are going to respond to treatment, so that can make post first time treatment a little agonizing.

I ahd treatment w/ an Alexandrite. Andrea made the excellent point about being anxious and wanting immediate results. The stubble kept getting thicker as the inital days passed. By day 6, I was convince it was a waste of money. Then, one day – day 16 to be exact, while shaving to coax the dead hairs out, skin was smooth! My chin is nearly clear. it’s the pesky upper lip that’s still giving me grief, tho. I’m on day 2 post 2nd treatment. At we’ll know not to expect immediate reults in the future.

I know it’s hard to be patient after spending a lot of money, but these things do take time. The only thing more frustrating are the unpredictable results! :angry: