Still experimental, but...


Genetic therapy is now beginning to be used for the successful treatment of certain conditions. For instance, several children with genetic immune disorders (which forced them to live in plastic bubbles) have recently been cured through gene therapy.

What does this mean for hair removal? Nothing yet, but scientists have observed some interesting phenomena about p53, a protein found in cells that’s nicknamed “The Guardian of the Genome.” It appears to keep damaged DNA cells from replicating.

For unclear reasons, animal studies of mice indicate that absence of p53 can keep hair from falling out during chemotherapy, which often interrupts hair growth cells and makes hair fall out.

p53-deficient mice appear to show neither hair loss nor apoptosis (cell death) in the hair follicle keratinocytes that maintained active proliferation after chemotherapy.

While this is an interesting topic to talk about in theory, there are no practical applications at this time that can be used to control hair growth. I will post new information from time to time as it becomes available.