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i have maybe 20 or so long, coarse, dark hairs growing on my chin. for years, i’ve just plucked them when they grow in, but i think i might be getting more of the, because i’m plucking more often. if i decide to go with electrolysis, would i have to let them all grow in before my appointment? for such a small number, would one or two 15-minute appointments be enough? is there anything else i should know or think of before meeting with an electrolygist?

stop plucking, that’s the first thing, you will need to let the hairs grow, start shaving or clipping the hairs. i know shaving sounds scary but your not alone. DONT PLUCK!!! just read this message board to find out what you should look for in a skilled electrolysis. good luck, this board helped me out a bunch when i was deciding what to about my hairs.

hey snapcap, i know where you are coming from. i was plucking the (what i thought was 20 hairs or so) from my chin for years and finally i went through with electrolysis.

you have to let them grow out so you and the electrologist can have a better idea of how many hairs you really have. whatyou pluck everyday is only a small percent of what grows out that day. so you might think its 20 hairs (like i did) but will end up to be like 100 or more. if you stop plucking for couple of weeks, you’ll be very surprised. and go see an electrologist after you stop plucking for a while.

please check out my experience post

where i talked about the exact same problem and my experience with electrolysis. It might help you to decide your course of action. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

good luck!

Hi, I just had my first 30 minute session 2 hours ago. I had work done on my chin, upper lip and some cheek. My chin was top priority as I have plucked for probably ten years now and the hairs are just completely unbearable. I only stopped plucking a couple days ago which was a big mistake I should have stopped a long time ago. FOrtunately it grows fast and they were able to get some but I am sure I have a lot to go. First of all the pain was almost non existant. I was expecting soooo much worse. The process went pretty smoothly. It took a while for the woman to find the right level for me but she was confident she did find a good match by the end. I have very sensitive skin and she even seemed surprised by the reaction my skin had (she even wants to call and check up on me tomorrow), it looked really bad right after. But now it almost 2 hours after and it is already looking alot better. I am use to having an irratated/red chin bc of all the excessive plucking i have done. So it really isnt that tragic for me. Overall I am very happy with my first session, my chin is smooth right now, thank god, it was awful going for those couple days w/o plucking. I think I have become a bit psycho about my plucking, i am praying i will never have to do it again. Anyways, I have another session next week and right now I can fully reccomend doing it. I’ll keep everyone posted as this website has been incredibly helpful to me in making my decision. If anyone is looking for a referral in Philly area, please let me know.

I plucked my chin for more than 10 years. It definitely made each hair get stronger and thicker till they were like WIRES! I went from occasional plucking to plucking every 2 days, there were so many hairs. So stop plucking!!!

I also figured I had about 20 hairs but in reality I had more than 100 active follicles. It will take you about 3 months before you can say that every single hair has been treated once. For the very coarse hairs, you cannot kill them in one shot. They will grow back much, much thinner the 2nd time around. The hairs that were the thickest may not get killed then, either, and may need a 3rd zapping. So you figure since there are 3 months per hair cycle, it could take you about 9 months or so to be completely done. But towards the end it will be few visits for a very short amount of time. I started weekly electrolysis last May (one hour for chin and lip) and I have only a few stubborn hairs still coming through, but they are soooo much thinner. Now I go every 2 weeks for 15 mins for cleanup on the chin and upper lip. The hairs on the chin are nothing anyone but me and the electrolysist could ever notice, but I want them out!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I can’t tell you how thrilled and happy I am that I did electrolysis. I just kick myself that I didn’t do it sooner!