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First of all IM new to this post so hi to every one great site very help full.Its good to talk to outher guys about this subject that so many outhers shy away from. Im 19/m and iv been shaving fullbody ever sense I got body hair like 15 or younger never liked it I also work out a lot so I like to stay totaly smooth. Im not real hairy either light borwn & str8 I just dont like it I think it looks grose. Me personaly I think its more higenic also dont sweat as much so u dont stink as much lol. I’ve used all kinds of things dipilatorys,waxes,epilaters most every thing Iv tried dosent work.I Used to shave but got tired of that case u would get stubbly the next day and I don’t have the time to shave every day. The depilatories would burn my skin off instead of the hair or just fry the hair like a bad purm. Epilaters work great they remove every thing but hurt like really bad anyone know how make that not hurt so bad I still use that ever once in a wile. So I tried wax sugaring one time didn’t remove all the hair did some skin though just red welts were the hair was for like 2 days. Then Nads didn’t remove all the hair only like half that stuff is just honey in a jar claming to be wax. So then I dissuaded to go try some strip free wax called GiGi Stripe Free Honee that way I wouldn’t have to mess with the muslin and stuff just put it on and rip it off. Well, it works not to pain full comes out easy and didn’t leave a lot of hairs behind. Heres were the sticky situation comes into play when I was done I had like this sticky residue on me that I couldn’t get off I was stick for like 2 days I tried the little bottle of stuff they give u in the kit to get the residue off but it didn’t work or maybe I didn’t use enough don’t know. Any one have any suggestions on how to get it off or what to do. Its time to wax again and I don’t want the same sticky situation. Any one ever use this product Before how did it work for u any suggestion’s would be appreciated on how to get the residue off or on how to cut the pain of a epilator

                       Thanx  JMan

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I have no experience with the sticky stuff you describe… if it is not water based, then you will have to find some sort of solvent, perhaps an oil, or methylated spirits or something…

Have you tried getting professionally waxed… at a reputable place… where they use powder first, and the skin doesn’t get ripped off as well… it is so much easier to have someone else wax you, even for the parts you can reach yourself easily…

For a couple of hours work, you can be smooth for weeks - sure beats shaving, or home waxing…




No iv never tryed going to a salon befor to have it done iv thought about it but im to emberasede to have something like that done were i live by someone else i couldent sit there str8 faced with some one waxing my legs id kill over from emberassment and laphter pluse im in a small town here theres no were for me to go have it done at i mean even at the gym i go to hear were u think most of the body shavers would be u know case they want to show off there muscles no outher guy shaves full body im the only one that iv notised that does it here i just wish i didnt have to worry with it ever again i hate it i dont know why i just dont like body hair the look and feal of totaly smooth is the best thats why im thinking of some day going to electrolisis or laser that is once i save up some mager dough but untill then i just have to wax or epilate at home and are electorolisis and laser truely permenent u only have to have them done once thats it for ever?

                thanx Jman

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