stickies? (also -- pragmatic vs. objective orientation...)

I was thinking, as I searched this forum, that regular posters seem to be annoyed with toe-dippers like myself who ask questions that the board has experienced as being satisfactorily resolved.

(Meaning that though, of course, every client, practitioner, hair, day, and hour is different, that on the whole, you can say X is more true than not, with a certain degree of confidence.)

This forum has a great, but often overwhelming range of information and technical knowledge and particularity of experience. Often, regulars use technical language or shorthand that not everyone understands off the cuff (e.g., “shedders”) or only partially understands.

Why not post short guides on some of those topics? Hairfacts offers very useful summaries of clinical data, but doesn’t necessarily provide contextual, pragmatic advice – which is generously offered here, though it can add to the info overload… (Of course, insight into individuals’ particular experiences is great, in that as a reader you get a sense of all the ways things can go right and wrong, and of how people deal with different scenarios.)

A plain language guide on certain issues would be grrrreat… (Unfortunately, I couldn’t contribute, as 1- I’m still freaking confused, which is partly why I’m writing, and 2- I’ve yet to do electrolysis.) It would help newcomers and reduce regulars’ irritation…

Also, a short, common-sense guide for different aspects of the experience, and not the method alone, would be fantastic. Because I think it’s not only about getting rid of the hair – it seems there is psychological difficulty involved with holding on to that goal for a long (and expensive, and painful) time… pragmatic advice of this kind, I think, is what people (e.g., me) are after… (and what they often get! It’s just hard to find…)

Pragmatic answers might involve, say, common effects of one method over another, in inexperienced or less-than-great hands, as this is what most of us will/have encountere/d. That is, it might offer Ways of coping with and planning for the to-be-expected experience, not the ideal one…

I’ve noticed these topics come up again and again:

Hair Growth Cycles:

  • the reason it might take 9-12 mos. for an area to be cleared
  • “kill rate” and growth cycles
  • how (and why) to pace treatments


  • blend v thermolysis --> As someone said: “in the hands of a lousy practitioner, blend is less damaging than thermolysis”. There’s seeming general agreement on this – why?

I’m sure there are others, I’m already exhausted writing this up. (There’s probably enough out there for an Electrolysis Monthly Digest, but I noticed the above concerns are common points of confusion.)

Also – I’m sure that posts like the stickies I imagine already exist, it’s finding them (sorting through search results) that’s the trick…



I agree with you, but I have neither the know how, nor the control over this site to make that happen.

Perhaps we should post a list of “insider” language?