Hi, i just bought sterex sx-t machine on ebay,but it comes without user manual. I want to epilate private areas,but i don’t know how to use this machine. Can i do it if i have no special training? what is standard procedure? hov deep i shoul insert a needle? how long i should leave it in?

Thank you for any advise.

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You need to get a copy of Mike Bono’s The Blend Method. This is the closest you will get to a manual for any electrolysis machine.

The makers of the machines don’t put any information with the machines about how to used them because they don’t want to be legally liable for your poor performance with the machines.

You should also get someone to join you in your electrolysis journey and trade work on each other, as working on yourself is NOT the way to go. You will actually get better work done if you have someone equally inexperienced working on you, than if you worked on yourself, doing everything backwards and in some cases looking through a mirror.

If you email Sterex and ask nicely (and don’t mention you are not a professional electrologist) they might be able to email you a PDF of the operator’s manual for the machine, or offer to sell you a printed replacement; Dectro and Instantron provided me with replacement manuals, and I assume Sterex could provide replacement manuals as well.

It doesn’t replace the Bono book James mentioned, of course, but it will tell you how to engage the basic functions of the machine.

(Speaking of which, if anyone has the Client Management manual for the SM-500 in PDF format, I’d love to get a copy, I only received the operator manual in PDF format, the first of 2 manuals for the machine.)

Vickies right - you should ask Sterex directly
i ordered the instuctional video of Sterex for my sx-b, and it tells you more or less everything you need to know…(yep it won’t replace the Bono book so it might be better if you get that aswell…) and you also gotta remember, you won’t necessarily be killing the hairs at first-just keep practising and practising and you’ll get there! :wink:

(remember to mention you want it for sx-t)

Another thing…you mention you’ve got the sx-t, which is the thermolysis/diathermy epilator right? just thought i’ll let you know anyways - the thermolysis method is harder to use than galvanic or blend (i still use blend lol) so make sure you read as much as you can about it beforehand(err… thats the only tip i can give - any pro’s here who can offer professional advice??! :blush: )

Our best advise is that she look into swapping it for a blend unit (they do galvanic, blend and thermolysis) or have galvanic added to the machine so that safer treatments can be done.

Newbies starting out on thermolysis with no prior galvanic or blend experience have a hard row to hoe. There are people getting paid to do thermolysis who still can’t do it all that well.

When you read Mike’s book, you will have a better understanding of why it is that thermolysis is the hardest to get really good at – especially without prior galvanic or blend experience.

Thanks for replies, any suggestions where can i get copy of Bono’s book?

What power i should set on machine,witch needle should i use and for how long i should press the switch?

Thanks a lot for help.

Here are some places: Use the search feature here. Type in ‘bono’.

We cannot possibly teach electrolysis on this website, but there are some helpful comments on the DIY section that may get you going. Bono’s book will explain a lot to you.

Please keep in mind that treating yourself is not easy! Have you had professional treatment at all so you know what to expect and how it should feel? I would warn you about practicing on yourself. Be careful not to cause scarring. Also, it takes practice to make the right insertions.

What areas are you looking to treat? By private, do you mean bikini? Is the hair coarse? Have you considered laser for coarse hair?

Sorry for bumping the thread but does anyone know if it’s possible to coagulate superficial blood vessels with the Sterex SX-T?

I know that high frequency current can treat certain sized hemangioma’s on the face and body and small spider veins on the face. Lower leg spider veins are best served with sclerotherapy. If you are thinking of doing your lower leg spider veins yourself with a high frequency, it is not recommended. There is too much pressure in those veins on the leg area for this to work well enough.

STEREX SX-T Thermolysis:

Doctors always comment that patients ask about things and then do whatever they want even thoug it is contrary to doctors orders. I suggest we follow th docs orders or do not ask.

Examples like …picking on things on the skin with “dirty” fingernails even though we know we could infect ourselves. Take a little extra time and wash the hands with emphasis on cleaning under nails with a brush before squeezing pimples (the stuff you squeeze out includes ICKY PUS that is full of BACTERIA). Picking at any skin irregularity like a wart (it is caused by a virus and can be spread to others and other places on our own body).

In the first issue of the “JOURNAL OF ELECTROLOGY” THERE WAS A PICTURE AND CASE HISTORY OF AN ELECTROLOGIST WHO HAD AN INFECTION UNDER HER FINGER NAIL. The picture showed how the nail was elevated by the stuff growing under the nail. It pushed the nail away from the nail bed and this allowed her to push a fine tweezer under the nail with no pain. The stuff growing was green with a fruity odor. She assumed it was a fungus infection and teated herself with an anti-fungal topical agent, like what is used for athlete foot, it did not clesr up. She may have gotten this when she had her nails done by someone who was not “clean” enough.

After treating herself with some OTC antifungal product it did not go away. When she finally saw a dermatologist she was informed it was an infection by a gram negative bacteria called “pseudomonas”. Her doctor made the correct diagnosis and she was treated correctly as the problem went away with proper treatment. This infection could have spread to her system and can kill.

NEVER treat yourself for anything. Incorrect treatment can be very costly due tothe scarring left by boils or other infections. You may get awasy with it a few time but sooner or later you will regret it. If you are not adequately trained to diagnose or treat it there can always be the prospect of serious consequences.

I cringe whenever I read about untrained people treating themslf with laser or high frequency device. Now that there are lasers that can treat wrinkles I bet there are plenty of laser owners that will try it and charge for it without knowing exactly what is going on with the device or if they have the proper laser. I know treatments can be expensive and everybody wants to save money, however, there is a difference between lasers and a bigger difference between properly trained doctors and untrained people who are only in it for the $$$$$$$$$$. A ROLLS ROYCE cost more than a Chevy for a reason. The same differences exist in almost everything you can purchase including coemetic treatments.

Hey Everyone,
Need an urgent help.
I have recently bought Sterex Sx-t, as I opened the box and started the epilator it’s intensity is not going above 7, I have followed the manual but no luck.
I can’t send the machine back to London for warranty claim as I am based outside.

I really need help in trouble shooting please.

I have tried every where on Google and found nothing about this topic.