Sterex SX-B troubleshooting/repair

I have on old Sterex SX-B unit that is in need of repair. When I turn on the power the light for thermolysis always lights up but to get galvanic to work as well I need to turn it on and off several times. The problem persists when I use the foot pedal to turn it on and off. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Also, I can’t send it to Sterex for repair because of my location. What sort of repair shop would be able to fix this? Somewhere where they do general electronics?

Many Thanks

I’m not sure I can assist with fixing this, it does sound like the issue is something specific to the sterex machine and standard troubleshooting is best performed by someone with specific experience with that machine.

Sterex is your best bet, but if it’s something like a defective part most electronics shops can help diagnose, but I do think Sterex themselves might be your best resource. If that isnt a possibility, it might be time to consider a different model.

Texas Electrolysis Supply has a repair shop.

Yes, Dr. Myron Heimlich at Texas Electrolysis Supply could help you perhaps.


Here’s a link to Texas Electrolysis Supply: