Sterex needles and other questions

Hi :slight_smile: I bought a blend machine off ebayuk and I got 50 sterex stainless two piece F3S short needles with it. Can I use them on any kind of hair, dark, fair, body, face etc or do you use different needles for different kinds of hair and areas?

I didn’t get an instruction manual with the machine, I should probably look for a book about it. Are there any good ones in the UK?

I had electrolysis done professionally twice on my face and I felt the hairs plucked out with a tweezer afterwards, I thought you weren’t meant to feel that part, that the hair would just slide out? The hair did stay away for a long time though in that area, a lot longer than if I would pluck it out.

I wish I could have an electrolysis buddy but I don’t know anyone who needs it done round here, I live at the top of Scotland and I’m female. I’ve asked my mum to help me, I showed her a video of it being done on you tube and she thought it looked a bit scary, how far the needle goes into you.

If anyone would be interested in emailing me to talk about it all please do, professionals to give tips or others new to it with one at home, please PM me.

Hmmm, I’m sure there will be others who will follow with much more detailed answers but from reading your post I would not suggest you start poking yourself with probes anytime soon. You could really harm your skin if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’ve spent hours with a number of electrologists, quizzed them and observed their technique on myself and others, read and re-read the main textbooks in the field and I am STILL a novice and only in the early stages of treating myself and others. This is after deciding a little over a year ago that I wanted do it as a profession.

Proceed with caution is all I can say. You might have good skill, but you might not. Videos on youtube cannot teach you technique if you don’t already have a good grounding in theory and some basic practice under your belt.

Michael Bono has a good textbook,and the original one in the field was the Art Hinkel one. Both are available online. :slight_smile:

The 2 piece sterex needles are ok in quality. Learning to handle two piece probes initially is good as well - they force You to insert more precise.
Although it would be better to match needle size with hair thickness, even some professionals use only that size.

Before You start, get a good textbook. If You can get hands on Michael Bono’s text - great. Otherwise “The Principles and Practice of Electrical Epilation” bei Sheila Godfrey is ok as well.

When determinining Your settings, always start from low values on in order to avoid burning Your skin.

There’s tons of information on the matter here but nothing beats visiting someone who is at least passingly familiar with electrolysis and who’d be wiling to SHOW you.

For some reason that always clicks faster than just theory.

Now, I know there is a member here called Follizap who might be open to that suggestion but I’m not sure where exactly in the UK s/he is. Send them a message.

Here is a thread by one of his/her clients.

Thanks all for your help :slight_smile: Michael Bono’s book wasn’t available anymore on amazon uk so I ordered Sheila Godfrey’s book.
I’ll try and find someone to show me. I asked Follizap but she’s the other end of Britain from me so I’ll see if I can find someone closer!

Do you use something like wipes on your skin before you do the electrolysis, what kind are they?
How long can you use one needle for before it’s not suitable anymore?

It depends. Typically a few hours. Some wear out faster, some seem to last forever.

In effect this means that You will discard needles after treatment which are still fully intact.

BTW: in Your beginnings you shold not be too frustrated if You fold a needle into zigzag…