Stereo Microscope

As far as I know, James is the only one here who uses one. Any one else want to 'fess up?

James, what brand do you use? I found this: but the working distances are too small, me thinks, @ 90 & 140 mm.


I’m a surgical loupe person, custom-made just for me, though I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a stereo microscope someday, maybe, perhaps? Right now, my set up works well for me. I can assure you, my husband would be pressing his thumb hard on my shoulder asking me why I spent $8,000 to $15,000 for a stereo microscope! To which I would reply, “Because I needed one”. To which he would reply, “Okay?” Story over.

Are you seriously planning on buying a stereo microscope, Hawk? Did you say you were enrolling in school soon?

I do plan on enrolling, but how soon depends on the military. I am trying to get them to pay for the school, which is hard to do unless it is a “regular” college that is already in the system. I am going to talk to a local counselor soon to see about making this happen. Was thinking about going with

Of course, I can only work on the theory part while I am in Korea, saving the hands-on portion for when I return to the US.

I wouldn’t buy a SM right now, unless I got a GREAT deal on one. But I gotta say, I can see how nice they would be, compared to my loupes. I mean, the loupes make things LARGE, but now I have to deal with head shake as well as hand shake.

Here’s one that is not so much, but it only offers an 8" working distance: Stereo Microscope

I use a Ziess Opmi-99 culpascope/colposcope, These scopes are set up with a 12V 100 watt fiber optic light
source (green filter is switchable in/out). The 250mm objective that comes with the scope provides 7X, 12X and 20X magnification at the 250mm working distance.

Every now and then, you can find a gynocologist, dentist, or other doctor retiring, or upgrading to the Opmi-1

You can see what mine looks like here:

there are some used ones at this page, and even one like mine near the bottom of the page here:

The one like yours listed on that page only offers .6, 1, and 1.6x. Ewww…

that is just a misunderstanding. the magnifications I listed are correct. what is stated there is what is on the knob to let you know which magnification you have selected. in this case, 12 is the base one, 7 is .6 of 12 and 20 is 1.6 of 12.

Remember, these things were made by scientists. You can’t expect them to speak in english. :wink:

Hmmm, it woulda been nice if they included the objective lens power in the listing, so’s we would know…

James, so your scope is technically called an “colposcope”? Now I know what to search on, that makes it a lot easier :slight_smile:

With people upgrading to units with cameras built in them, there seem to be more like my rig beins sold on the used market these days. I wish I could have had mine at these prices… but then again, it has been over a decade since I bought mine.

There are a few on eBay right now for under $1000, that even come with a warranty. I might ask you your opinion of a few of them if that is ok.

The prices are really good. I wonder how much of headache it is to get the product serviced if something happens? DO you have to send the whole unit away and for how long? Or, are there regional repair centers near where one lives?

It is all based on where you live. I have found that I can get it worked on by anyone with an engineering degree. You really don’t want to try to get this worked on by Ziess. They don’t really want to fix them, they want to sell you the new model. Any work they did do would be charged at $150 per hour, and they don’t necessarily support all the spare parts you may need.

On the positive side of the equation, spare parts are available on Ebay, and anything you could break can be replaced modularly even if you don’t know how to fix it, as the entire piece breaks down into smaller sections. If one can handle an allen wrench and a pair of pliars, one can swap out sections on these units.

How do I know all this?
Ziess said that The Transportation Security Authority caused $7,000 worth of damage to my rig trying to find a bomb, or drugs, or whatever excuse for their existence they are fobbing off these days.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess on how much they offered to pay towards the damage their unmerited mishandling caused?

Zero dollars? Do I win, huh, huh? What do I get, eh? Free insertion lessons for a day? Great advice on How about a #7 jersey???

That’s right, you win more great advise from But that’s not all, you get free insertion lessons and bonus electrolysis lectures. (Travel expenses are sole responcibility of the winner)

Number Seven Jerseys are for the winner of the bonus round.

(speaking of Number Seven Jerseys, they are really cheap in Buffalo these days. :wink:
At this rate, #5 jerseys will be cheap soon as well.)

Ummm, could you define “really cheap”? I can get them for around $15-25 here…

Please remember, Americans are so used to getting ripped off, that paying regular price is seen as manna from heaven.

What you buy for $15 to $25 usually costs us $60 - $100

This is a great time for me to point out that when I said that a good thank you gift for me was a #7 jersey, I expected people to send me the $20 clearance priced jersey with the silk screened numbers. The number of game ready replicas, and sewn on number jerseys that I have received has me taken aback, and humbled. I am even the proud owner of a signed game official jersey from Jeff Garcia (I don’t know if it was game used)


My hockey jersey was always number 27. I wore it in
honor of my brother who would have been 27 on July 27, 1984.
Unfortunately he took his life the week before that birthday,
so number 27 helped me to remember him.

I liked the sewed on number ones too.

A friend of mine used to wear an original style Sabres
jersey when we played shinny, and people started to nickname
him Buffalo. I like the original Sabres jersey better than
the newer ones. Perreault, Martin and Robert!


Alas, I don’t follow basketball or football, so those number/name combinations mean nothing to me. I just hope all of them score a home run in the next Stanley Cup Dribble Off.

It’s actually sad, the prices people pay for “official” jerseys. They are made here in Korea, I have actually watched them being made. One of my buddies is a Yankees fan, and he had one made while we shopped, took about 20 mins, and I think he paid $23. He said he has bought that exact same one in NY for $250 previously. Same labels, everything. Truly authentic. But I imagine most of what they sell there is made here or Taiwan, China, similar. Uneblievable what the mark-up (and profit for the franchise) is.

I am gonna go claim my free insertion lesson in my other thread now…

Most people in Buffalo like the “old school” 1970’s Sabres logo, and jerseys. The one’s that followed have been given nicknames like, The Devil Goat for the black red and white togs of the 90’s, and the new one is alternately dismissed as either The Electric Slug or Donald Trump’s Hairpiece.

The franchise posted a poll to have the city vote on the new logo and the old one won everytime. So they ignored the fans, and went with this silly cartoonish thing anyway.

I was never a big fan of hockey, but I would LOVE to have a Sabres #7 Rick Martin jersey… but those cost over $100 here.

I was not going to mention it, but, yes, the full on official football & hockey jerseys are $250 here. I am not sure about baseball & basketball. I have only ever received a Cavaliers JAMES jersey and a Lakers Odom jersey.

How much of an impact does a microscope make vs a mag lamp? I ask because I’m considering an electrologist in Dallas. The funny thing is that while she has an Apilus Platinum, she does not appear to use a micro.

I must state that I have never been treated by this person; I am still scoping out electrologists at this point.