Staten Island: Susan Nasta, Licensed Electrologist

<strong>Susan Nasta, Licensed Electrologist </strong><br>
<em>Susan Nasta, L.E.</em>
<p> <em>Lane Professional Arts Building</em><br>
97 New Dorp Lane<br>
<em>Suite D</em><br>
Staten Island, New York 10306<br>
(917) 596 9701</p>
<p>e-mail: <a href=""></a> <br>
<p><B>Office Hours:</B><BR>
By Appointment<br>
Rates: <br>
15 minutes - $25; 30 minutes - $40; 45 minutes - $55; 60 minutes - $70<br>
<em>Packaged Discounted Rates Available. </em></p>
<P><B>Description of Practice:</B>
[li] I hold a Massachusetts State Board License (1100 Hour Course)- using the [/li] latest computerized Apilus Technology, which is the Gentle Way to Permanent
Hair Removal.
[li]Utilizing Thermolysis, Blend and Galvanic Modalities. Stict Sterilization [/li] standards practiced; Disposable Probes.
[li]Special and Personal Attention to Women, Men, Teens and Transgender Clientele [/li] and those with Hormonal Imbalance Issues. Referrals by Physicians.
[li]Free Complimentary 20 Minute Treatment (using a topical anesthetic) with [/li] Consulation for New Clients in a Very Relaxing Atmosphere.
[li]Call to find out how I can help you Feel Better About Yourself and the Way [/li] You Look!
<p align=“center”><strong>Electrolysis … The Commitment You Make To Yourself,
For Yourself.</strong><br>