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Hi everyone! im writing a paper on the dangers of Laser Hair Removal. This paper can give me a rather large grant to regulate Laser Hair Removal. and since regulation is a state issue (not federal) i was wondering if anyone knew the state regulations for removal. as in, who is able to preform the removal, if licenses are necessary, and any state statistics that are available. This site helped my knoledge of laser hair removal and i would like to do the same for New York, if not the entire US. Also, soon i might post a survey, and i would love if you all would take it. It is completely anonymous and it would mean the world to me.
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it varies per state

i know it varies… i cant find anything online. I figured the best place to ask for help would be in a forum like this. since many people here have either had laser hair removal, practice laser hair removal or have looked into laser hair removal. and since it seems many people are from different areas, maybe someone could help.

ask LE on here

thank you so much… you dont know how much you just helped me out!

or just go to my page on laser regulations by state:

The state of Ohio is incomplete on the hairfacts chart. You can go to . Click on August minutes and find good information on pages 7-9 for updated information.

Basically,the rules are, a physician may delegate the use of light base devices like lasers to a physicians assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or an electrologist/cosmetic therapist. But it goes deeper than that as you will see if you read the link above.


i would like to know what caused you to choose this topic for your paper,
what lhr dangers are you addressing, what regulations are you trying to achieve and what are your credentials?

im curious for im a subject of lhr.
id appreciate any data/opinions/facts you have on this topic.
would you be willing to send me a copy of your paper when finished or post it in the forums?

if you do not wish to post, private message me.
if you have any other Qs about my LHR experience, id be glad to answer

thank you