State of Texas busts Judith Stephens' GHR in 2001

One of the main reasons I got into consumer activism involving hair removal was a " no-needle" quack named Judith Stephens, who just didn’t know when to quit. I stopped tracking her a few years ago after all her websites went dark, and I haven’t really thought of her since the consumerbeware scam site forum went offline.

Turns out the State of Texas has been thinking about her.

Third Quarter 2001 Summary of Incidents, Complaints, Enforcement Actions

Prepared by Bradley Caskey, Helen Watkins, James Ogden
Incident Investigation
Cathy McGuire - Escalated Enforcement
Texas Department of Health
Bureau of Radiation Control
Division of Compliance & Inspection
Telephone: 512/834-6688

C-1576 - Laser Performance - A Better Way - No Needle Electrolysis dba GHR - No Needle
Electrolysis - Dallas, Texas
On July 9, 2001, the Agency received a complaint alleging a laser device did not perform as
advertised by the Registrant. The complaint alleged the Registrant advertised permanent hair
removal and claims to have more hair now than prior to the treatments. The Registrant advertised
permanent hair removal and permanent hair reduction. No before and after photos of treatment
was available from the Registrant or the complainant. The complainant also alleged the operator
was using an alias. It was determined the operator was using an alias, as alleged by the
complainant, during the treatments. No records were available to demonstrate a physician
authorized the treatment. An Agency investigation determined the facility had moved without
notification to the Agency. The Registration was revoked before a notice of violation was issued.
File Closed

I have been hearing electrologist’s cursing and gnashing their teeth at Judith the entire time I have been in this business. I even know people who purchased her machines to work on themselves at home, and still don’t understand that “no-needle/transdermal” will never work.

One would hope that she would one day have to face some of the people she has scammed over all these years.