starting treatments tomorrow!!

so tomorrows the big day i start my electrolysis treatments! i’m a little scared but more excited i can’t wait to get started so that i won’t have facial hair anymore its a bit embaressing especially when your 20 the nice part is i have the whole month of january off of work to concentrate on this and i don’t have to worry about scabbing and redness with the whole world seeing it i’m hoping to get a good first clearence before i have to return to work in feb. i don’t know if that possible but i hope so i’ll update tomorrow with my experience [color:“purple”] [/color]

Again, I don’t know if we can post pictures here but why don’t you take some before and after shots at least for yourself. We’d love to see as well if you can post them.

Have fun with your first session today <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

You can now post pics. Andrea, IHH and a few others already have.

so i had my first treatment this morning 1/2 an hour
my electrolysist was very nice explained everything then went to work i’m getting my sideburns chin and uperlip done she started with my chin she got my chin and two patches under my neck done i didn’t think that was so bad for only half an hour i’m going to see her 2 times a week an hour each time so hopefully i’ll get the first clearence i want before the 2nd week in feb when i have to return to work (fingers crossed) then i’ll go saturdays to keep up with it she used one needle and used tweezers to move the hair away she had the setting on low since it was my first time. it hurt a little but not anything i couldn’t stand and i was only red for maybe 1/2 an hour afterwards she cleaned my face with witch hazel and afterwards put on this aloe based gel to soothe it i can’t wait to return to her on thursday! i definately feel better now that i’m doing something about my facial hair i know its a long process and you have to keep with it but i look at it this way i’m farther along now then i was yesterday! i’ll post again thursday